We must learn to follow our light


For I am like the Spider ~ I have Patiently awaited

your arrival ~ to land within my web now trapped

You have my full focused attention now ~ I will be your

Guide to the very highest Realization of

~~~~ SELF ~~~~



This is the beginning of true life lived the INNER CIRCLE of LIFE FOUNDATION of Highest Realization of SELF

the circle of life symbol

Who knows why your heart cries when you give your love away

Who knows only time can tell this story of one mans life

This is my story


Mitakuye oyasin… A world where all are united as ONE

The circle has beeen symbolized in many ways and in many forms

A symbol of our connection with everything there is the first step into and upon the circle is to understand our eternal connection to all there is based solely in the law of ONE
Tony Gray’Owl is a Native American, an indigenous Cherokee, and a highly skilled Shaman

Keeper of the Hidden knowledge and Wisdom’s of the ancients. I would wish to explain the concepts of the


It begins with a beautiful story, it is a song, it is a dance, it is a way of life this story will be ever evolving ever changing as we are living this story as I write it, till the day I pass on to be ~ One ~ in spirit with the Great Creator

I will be editing and rewriting the deeper understandings of life as I live it each day ever growing ever asking the eternal question… What is the purpose of my life ?

This is a true story which reveals the highest realization of self. It is told in Truth and Honesty; Deep with Knowledge and Wisdom.

I have set the story in a fantasy movie like telling

Shall we begin ?  Sit back . . .  Relax and take a deep breath

Now clear your mind of all other thoughts, center your self in your heart and allow me to take you on an epic journey into the mind and heart of man. I shall paint within your mind a cinematic motion picture, an epic adventure into life with the airbrush of my voice the breath of my life

I will explain each living souls entrance into and upon the Circle of Life as understood and taught by my Native American Indian ancestor’s and inspired into my heart and mind through the Holy spirit of GOD. According to the Shamanistic way of life the; Medicine Wheel… which is the symbol of the circle of life as taught to me by my first Shaman the secret knowledge handed down through time was told or taught orally from the old Shaman to the young apprentice, from one generation handed down to the next and so on

I was that young apprentice

The Wisdom of the Ancients has been taught and handed down to me for safe keeping to hand down to the next generation in this story. I will begin teaching these secret things and perhaps I shall find that young apprentice I once was, to hand down to all the knowledge I  carry in my mind and have recorded as it is far to much to keep it all remembered clearly in ones single mind so needless to say I have many journals to pass on so that this knowledge gets carried into the future generation’s to come.

I will now introduce you to the complete Circle of Life and expose to you the exact place where you entered into this life upon the Medicine Wheel ~ the HOOP of life. Which is the first step upon the circle to become a human being incarnated into this Earthly life form. I have carefully, very meticulously and with the greatest of focused intent and with greatest respect and only after a life time of studying these lessons, and perfecting their practices while also listening to my heart of hearts have created this writing.


A total comprehensive complete combination of the perfection of truths found written down and recorded through out history in addition to the knowledge within my Ancestors beliefs, carefully combining the traditional teachings of Spirituality, Religion, Buddha, Allah, The Chinese I-Ching trigrams, the Japanese Yin and Yang, the Rune Stones, Ancient Biblical Scroll’s, Stone Text’s along with a global diversity of all other knowledge and truths I could find and or discover from nearly every walk of life, every ethnicity, race creed and color of origin. I have sought out from recorded little known writings and perhaps unknown historical things of rarity like a master archeologist of lost Wisdom… (  found  )

I have studied Ancient scrolls and books little known rediscovered and incorporated only the truths of them here in what I call the Wisdom of the Ancients these people that lived here on this circle of life, our planet… the Mother Earth from long before recorded time began.




turn the page   /* chapter 2.


6 responses

  1. Philip

    Thanks Tony lots of divine love and for opening my eyes to the truth.Mitakuye Oyasin.

    October 15, 2014 at 7:48 PM

  2. Lizdicenzo

    Ready to start a new day of a new life

    January 26, 2011 at 5:38 AM

    • Tony Gray'Owl

      I am here, I am so happy to see you came back, There are the answers to all your questions here LiZ. I am here for you if you have any questions, Mitakuye oyasin, Tony

      January 26, 2011 at 3:23 PM

  3. This has actually sparked up an idea in my mind. This really is a superb weblog article.

    December 10, 2010 at 9:51 AM

  4. Karen Dudzinski

    I am completely facinated by the image at the head of this blog. The Inner Circle one – could you tell me who designed the original? I would like to do some research on it…

    Karen E. Dudzinski

    December 1, 2010 at 6:18 PM

    • Tony Gray'Owl

      I am sorry Karen I really have no idea as I find the pictures on the royalty free sites so as not to owe any one for using them here. Good luck, try bing images I think thats where I found it. Namaste , Tony Gray’Owl

      January 17, 2011 at 11:27 PM

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