a Silent Voice Heard

Speak now to your soul I do; In Spirit form I AM YOU.

I AM Gray’Owl Oracle of Prophecies

I hear the voice of wisdom from within the Ancient forest, for I am listening from within the silence of self, as Great Spirit Creator speaks to me of our Ancestors saying;

It seems you think that Creator sent you here to destroy everything. Is this what you think? Is to become of you? Your instructions are to care for and protect each other and Mother Earth. You cannot dispose of people nor the resources of this world as “you” see fit. Great Spirit never said the land is yours to dispose of, or to give out to one or the other as you seem to think that you can own the land and other peoples. You are merely here in passing, Mother Earth sustains all lives from before that which is known and far into the future of that which is yet to be known. You are her momentary guests and her guardians, not her executioners. You are here to preserve the splendor of Creation for all future generations to come. This is your duty, your purpose for being here, to change the way everything has always been done.

The right to dispose of life belongs to the One that Created it and I AM the Creator. The land is a gift of life from through my Great Spirit and compassion for you, in order that you may experience and share with each other the beauty and the abundance your Creator provides for you freely. The Mother Earth provides for you the human beings all things you need as the living creatures here upon Mother Earth. And in the winds that pass through these aged trees you may hear the passing of your Ancestors ghosts in these words their voices may be heard if you listen; and my own voice comes back to me saying;

Brothers and sisters listen to the Ancestors words spoken; crying out from the wilderness in reply to these things you have asked, listen to the silent voice of Creator. The extent of His words cannot to be heard; if you do not listen from within the silence of self. Otherwise the last of these acts could never have been done to us. Our tears have fallen like drops of rain, I hear my own voice within the silent sounds of the forest, underneath leaf of evergreen my words must now be few, as I cannot say to you what has happened to us as you turn and walk away.

No one seems to care, few even dare, to understand what I share.

For the Great Spirit is silent to you when the sun goes down and sets upon your life. Here is a sad sorrow of life lived within the accepted ways of Global society, a brutal truth. We the American Indian are held in captivity, this it seems all other people of the world do not care to realize, we are captives held within our own land against our will, right here, right now! In this so called modern society, right in front of everyone, the entire world that seems to be blind to our plight, in this world where every other people are free to live as they wish in their own country. So says Tony Gray’Owl ~ July / 23 / 2011

World wars have been fought in the name of Freedom, yet who has ever came to our aid? To set us free from this slavery, we suffer. As each of you are free to be who you are, Americans, French, English, Saudi, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Mexican, and an all encompassing majority of you are free to live in your own country as you see fit. Yes each of you have your hardships, yet you are free to be who you are and govern your own land freely.

Except for us; The American Indian.

Are we to be kept in silent slavery forever?

When will the the Great powers of the world come to our aid?

To set us free! To be able to live as human beings, governing our own country ourselves as we see fit.

When this happens . . . When you come to our aid as you do the Jews and so many others constantly, you will set also yourselves free from the United States government’s grip of fear and terror over you.

This is not our wish for you to fear nor to hate us. For we the original ancient people of the Americas do not wish our government to spend us into poverty fighting winless wars that span the globe, this is not OUR intent. We wish for “all” of humanity to be free; to live in peace as we do. How long must we suffer this savage slavery? In the eyes of all the people of this world that daily accept this horrible solitaire injustice to the American Indians alone. If you were to lend the power of your voice to only that which you wish to be free from.

Where then would their power lie?

Set us free!!!! Please help us. The Nation of American Indians.

I ask you one other thing of great importance.

Which country can stand up and say in any kind of truth in all honesty that we, the American Indians invaded your land and brought war on you. Whose children have we slaughtered? Other than in defending our own nation, our own people from a conquering invasion have we fought with you. Our lands were invaded hundreds of years ago, by many foreign peoples driven by blind greed for their thirst for our riches such as gold, silver and copper, and to take possession of our land. No one can say this, we have never invaded any other country.

Who in this modern civilized world will come to our aid? We are a wise Ancient people; we understand that we cannot take back our country, as the United States is to powerfully set in motion. All we are really asking is to be recognized as the American Indian people that we are and be allowed to have our own recognized world sovereignty as our own individual nation as each and every one of you do and our own independence with the freedom to have our own country within our country. To coexist in equality as human beings in our own country.

To live our lives in peace as we justly see fit and have done so for over two hundred years of foreign rule, should we not be allowed to govern our selves now at last with our own laws, not to be impoverished by these foreign laws that are imposed upon us by a foreign power in our own native land. All “We” wish is to be FREE!!!

I had a vision, I share it with you now . . .

Cherokee Voices from the Past ~ January / 17 / 2011

I had the most incredible Dream this morning a living Vision. I was walking along the most wondrous path I had ever seen. Far in the distance up ahead was a softly glowing light and a voice spoke so softly, a whisper would over power it. As I approached the end of this trail my curiosity was over whelming, I came to a doorway, like a cosmic portal; all I could see was this brilliant yet soothing light. As I looked through I saw the most beautiful awe inspiring sight of my life.

It looked something like this picture. The air was so pristine you could see the stars in the mid day sky and everything was the picture of perfection. Colors so vibrant they literally filled the air with the purest of Joy I have ever experienced.

As I stepped through this doorway ~ Gateway ~ Portal which ever way you choose to see it.

My spirit, my soul was lifted up by an unseen force and carried into the most incredibly wonderful brilliant yet so softly glowing light, like a misty ocean it encompassed me. I was suddenly made aware that I was at the very Heart of the Light, this place where the Light literally comes from ~ where it is born. A firm strong yet so soft and gentle of a voice began to speak to me. The amount of Knowledge and Wisdom I was gifted to remember. Well . . . to say the least is vast.

I will attempt to write it down the best I can into the Living BOOK of LIFE, to guide you to the . . .

TRUE PATH of a Human Beings LIFE? To Let your Love Flow . . . Freely

What is the one true Path?

The One True Path is found only through UNCONDITIONAL LOVE combined with, A Limitless Desire for Knowledge, an Unquenchable Thirst for WISDOM. All Beings are learning the hard way and the soft way but learn we all must

My Life’s Mission Statement in Light and Love is to Integrate our Enemy

The mission of Life is to have compassion to be one with yourself and all things. To Follow the Call of your Heart it is what is Guiding you now. Be Yourself and the Path Becomes You. Follow your Instincts. Go Forth Bravely onto your Path for the Path ~ is ~ your Destiny as Only YOU Can MAKE it HAPPEN

If you remain Firmly Stead fast on your Path you will remain there and you shall Achieve Your goal ~ which is to grow. You have to unchain the self imposed bonds of forgetfulness and Set your Soul Free, Set your Heart Free. Open your Mind remember who you are. Failure is Impossible!!! Listen closely . . .

The Ego will shield you from your Destiny. When there is no trust there can be no work accomplished. Encompass everything in your task of seeking, because everything and everyone has something to teach you. No one nor anything can be left out of this process. Everyone/everything is Invaluable. Your Skills and Abilities are much needed now. Channeling is a skill naturally embedded in every creature a Higher way of Knowing. It is the Ancient way of Communicating by Thought. You have a Glorious Destiny all you need do is realize it.

Many Light workers have chosen to come too Earth now with other Light workers Your, Fellow Light workers are Here to Help you to remember who you are and how to serve the Light. It has always been this way and it will always be that way. Helping each other must become your way of life as the Light gathers Power to you and the Darkness Dissipates as it wields no power within the Light of TRUTH !!!

Knowledge is our only weapon, our Love of someone or something makes him/her vulnerable to our enemies darkness. Time it seems is of the very essence for there are dark forces at work here upon Mother Earth and Much is at stake now. Light “Must” gather together in these current times. Tremendous Tidal Waves of Change are Preparing to Wash over the EARTH. There is a divine plan in action and it will change the face of the Planet Forever. This is ~ Mass Enlightenment now set in motion by Forces much Higher than anyone could possibly Comprehend ~ much less ~ Understand. A Far Higher Power than any of us ~ All of us; could have ever even have Imagined.

Sacred Ancient Knowledge is Reawakening

The High Counsel of knowledge keepers are awakening and Gathering together the Hearts of the Individual Tribes the Souls of the Tribes as well as the Individuals. Time is of Greatest Essence Right now everyone needs to focus on the Magenta Path. Much depends on the Awakening of Self, as this is the way to awaken the larger portion of light workers that are here, they potentially are unaware of their life’s mission here on Mother Earth, as they have forgotten why they came here.




YOU ARE THE SACRED LIGHT ~ WORKERS, the starseeds of Love . . .

the future of Mother Earth is in your hands

YOUR TIME IS AT HAND; AWAKEN !!! Remember who you are.

We are the Children of the Light of Love, the children of GOD and His Name is TRUTH !!!

I will explain ~ how one can move forward on our Path of life and about Ascension. Make this Statement too yourself that you Desire to Gratefully Accept the Lessons of the Universe and you WILL Accept Them. You will learn the Lessons by accepting them Gracefully within your Heart and Mind. It is the way of the Universal Consciousness. Your Mind is but a Tool which is the Connection Between . . .

Spirit and Soul only the Heart Truly Matters

The Heart is the Gateway to the Creator

Whenever confusion overcomes you sit within the center the Silence of self and Ask the Great Spirit/Creator to Elaborate for you upon these Feelings from deep within Your HEART and allow you to understand them fully.

Sit in the Sacred Silence of Self and Listen !

Let your Heart speak to you ~ Listen quietly As your mind clouds the issues. Think with your Heart and Learn to Feel with your Mind. Sort out these feelings from within your Heart. Meditate on the Answers you get. Everything else should be simply discarded as thoughts of the Ego. Whatever the Heart tells you has a Unique Aura of Truth about it. You will know this truth, the Instant that the thought Manifests its self inside your Mind through the Higher Dimensions of the Light. Whatever feels Good. What ever feels Right and is in Harmony with every intricate part of our Mother Earth, Yourself and Every other living Soul scattered throughout the Universal Cosmos . . .

That will be the Correct Answer

This is the way a Light worker truly work’s

Seize this day and come forth to the truth. Realize ~ you are never alone. The Great Spirit is Always with You. You are all being taken care of. Simply follow your heart and you will be successful. Indulge in your Happiness and find what you are honestly truly looking for. The heart needs Joy to Function Correctly. There is Joy in everything merely See it. Be at one with the All encompassing I AM the Universe for it is screaming to help you. Listening to Your higher self and Learning to understand your purpose is the Way to be at One with the UNIVERSE Learning is Life Itself, Be at One in silence, Listen to the quiet sounds of self . . . Make it your intention, to Let your Spirit Soar, to set free its light upon the world of humanity. Give your Love away . . .

The Path lies gloriously in front of your eyes . . . One step at a time

Thus you will have climbed the mountain, you don’t need a horse or a mule just go alone. If you stray a bit don’t worry for you will come back to this pathway. There is a free will zone. Free ~ will, can trigger a decision at any moment, either for good or for bad. The Path has many strange ways and the Path can get Razor Sharp due to the Attractions and/or Enticing Possibilities of the world. . .

Your main focused intention must be to Trust “your” own decision !

The Light within you will be your guide if you allow it to lead. Your Love will overcome all obstacles confronted. When you make choices you create other realities, these realities either advance you on your Path or slow you down. Chose wisely what you create. Either way you will go all the way to the end of your path. All experiences are real. What WE choose to label them is up to us in regards to the various realities experienced. Realities are swiftly changing now for a bit of time. Time is relative ~ too many factors and yet . . .

Time actually does not matter

Time is merely a focal point in space it is variable and contains ancient wisdom. The way of the ancients has been paved with natural elements of a true life, lived. Light is love, light is wisdom far more than you can imagine. Confidence and self ~ confidence are based on self-love. Remember the beauty of life. It is the simple things that count in life. The ability to understand the basic beauty of what is important and what is not.

True life is Simplicity ~ living as ONE within nature ~ all things provided when needed

Tremendous changes are awaiting the inhabitants of Earth. The Universe is preparing to bestow many gifts and also to return many bad things done. It is the Universal Law of action and reaction, Karma if you please. It all boils down to this our particular time frame in this singular Solar system. You are all eternal beings. Simply become who you truly are ! Not what you seem to think you have been taught you are.

When you came to this three dimensional plane of existence, you had to pass through the veil of Amnesia and have simply forgotten who you are, it will all come back to you in time, if you merely listen to your higher self. One has not to be fully awakened in order to help others or to be helped by them. Conscious recall of all memory does not constitute a condition for this to take place. Experiencing will infuse you with the sacred knowledge at the proper moment of your individual self realization. There is much Light hidden within the dark masses.

The light is patiently awaiting to sparkle and Fly like Lightning from one human being to another. THIS is the last lifetime for many. Many people Interact with each other on different levels of beingness. Separation stems from the fact that you do not love yourself enough to allow others to love you as you wish to be loved. Otherwise you would feel your connection with other Love/Light Beings instantaneously upon birth.

These other Loving Entities of the light are with you not against you, trust them. These Loving beings are receiving an abundance of information which they will share with you freely, if you but listen to your heart. I am sharing these things here with you right now. Please, listen to the wisdom and the truths written here.

Other beings that are ‘jailed’ in this three dimensional Earth are also receiving but they are transparent to the energy it passes right through them unnoticed. Advanced beings are more ‘solid’ to these energies, the energies become relative when openly received for what they are. Your vibrational state and they state of all else is raised and your spiritual body becomes denser. Therefore the energies are receptive within your consciousness and they are perceived and understood. In order not to feel the heaviness, spread your Light, Love and Joy out into Life.

World peace meditations are very important now, in order to raise the worlds vibration you should actively participate because the essence of every single being counts. Especially now when combined with the Law of One. These energies are projected for the highest good of Mankind and will indeed be vast as long as many people are participating. It will have a tremendous impact on the entire worlds population.

If we but join together . . . Now !!!

United we shall succeed. Purification of the soul is essential. The more you advance along the Path of Awakening and Enlightenment the Remembering, for soul purification remain focused and maintain your intent on sharing the purest of Love with all of creation within the Universe, that is the best approach. The impurities will be discarded and/or assimilated (as in learned from and released) the lessons of life.

The more you grow you will find that every threshold to a specific event was important only in regards to a specific portion of your growth (understanding). One of the problems an evolving human being has to face is the difficulty in trusting the Heart or the confusion created by matters of the heart which is the worldly feelings as a human being. The only thing that really matters is the divine WILL to evolve into the light and the love you feel in regards to the Universe and all of humanity. The higher you climb the ladder of evolution the more you respect your fellow human being’s.

Ascension into the light does NOT mean . . .

That you will abandon your physical contact with Mother Earth. It is merely an alteration in the state of your living life’s essence. Your being! Although in becoming this advanced state of light being, your connection will not be affected in any other way Regardless of your ascension. Understand that it is possible to ascend with or without your three dimensional physical body.

This means that if you still need your physical “body” to accomplish a un-finished task here in this reality, then you will retain your physical appearance. Yet one must understand it will NOT however be of the same essence it compromises now. As you must understand your three dimensional body is undergoing a change from our current carbon base into a higher state of being in order to accommodate the light frequencies needed to sustain the light body in a fourth/fifth dimensional state of evolutional existence relative to what you now know as life.

However it is not uncommon to take your current body with you either way. Your body is merely a physical vehicle on this plane of experience. Do not depend on the body, it is merely what you seem to be at this moment in evolution. That thought is simply another conscious limitation placed upon us here at this time and space. Instead remind yourself every morning when you awaken and every night when you go to sleep that your body is a sacred temple for the flame of the Creator, the spark of your life, the essence of who you truly are.

This singular drop of your living consciousness is nothing compared to the vast Ocean comprising  the entirety of Creation. Yet you can intently cause the Universe to follow you if you fully understand and do it correctly. This thing, this experience we know and call ‘death’ is a basic intrinsic part of LIFE. These emotions and physical experiences you seem to live daily and your body are nothing compared to the vastness of the whole of the Universal experience in its entirety. Your actions what you think, what you create, what you place into motion here and do with your life, as well as and most importantly the eternal flame within you are what matter’s, Nothing else.

Know this, understand this

By surrendering to the Universal ONE~ness

You can also Manipulate it

Listening to the heart is a passive yet passionate connection to the Infinite Creator the I AM. You can actively connect to the Universal consciousness whenever you become advanced enough spiritually, true enlightenment, the state of simply being all that there is. You hold within immense vast possibilities inside your heart, if you but listen, this will open your mind the ability to go far beyond your imagination. Your commitments are worthy only if you set them upon the right foundation, your focused intent of heart, not the illusion of reality seen with the human eyes. 

The physical body needs food to continue this journey.

The ethereal body needs energy to do its work here in the physical plane.

The mind needs information to process comprehend and understand.

Books, movies and the internet are foods for the mind.

Herbs, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and Crystals are the substances of healing to the heart.

Meditation is the foundation for the seat of the mind to grow in wisdom.

Love is the foundation for the heart to forgive unconditionally/to Love unconditionally.

Balance is the key to understanding the polarities of a human life and proper growth in all aspects of life.

There is a far greater realization in becoming centered so as to keep the loud little inner voice out of the Mind. Without proper spiritual progress you would get used to [life] and get bored. Abilities and the proper skills NEED the right foundation to build upon and Decisive focused little steps of purest intent are extremely important. They lead you to your ultimate success. The experience is far Stronger than the mere Word. Experienced Truth is of far more Value than told Truth, Surrender to the silence of self and Listen.

Your Connections will be made more swiftly when you realize this. Then it is up to each individual to make up his/her mind in their own way and time. It is the Ego that is holding you back because egos are afraid of this inevitable change. It is the way of the ego to block  out these Spiritual Advancements. Spiritual advancement has to stem from the flame of Unconditional Love and understanding Life. The Purpose of your life here.

The keyword here is then; TRUST.

Love yourself in the manner you wish to “BE” Loved and the Universe will give it to you.

Trust is a feeling. This feeling comes naturally when you feel safe and secure, as like when you are first born, you trust without question as you first experience the love of your parents. But you can also feel safe when you trust self. Trust is the ultimate effect of unconditional love applied to ones life. You have to trust Yourself. Trust is something we are born with and is cherished as something divine. It is OK to have doubts — question everything. There will be a time when you will learn to question only the things that are worth questioning.

Discernment is the greater valor of the highest Answer these benefits by applying them to your life. You must learn to let go and become your Higher Self. You have to believe completely that you are light/love. Fear is nothing but a cloak that you can throw off at will so Rise above your Fears and see the grander picture. Look into the mirror and love who you see looking back at you, this is who you are right now, Love your self as you wish to be loved.

Most importantly what matters is your Focused INTENTION. Your very Highest Focused Thought and the realized Energy  of your inner Light. The Intention is to Love Unconditionally. Your Higher Self ~ essentially is Your ~ Self, Communicate ~ Share ~ Learn Work for the good the Grand Betterment of all Humanity along with all other Life forms as well.

The more Love you give away, the more Love you pour out into life . . . unconditionally

The more Love you are given in return, magnified, glorified, sanctified.  Share your love freely, give it away, and watch it grow . . . These are the starseeds we plant here in our garden of Eden . . . Mother Earth. I tend to them with my gentle kindness, out of my compassion, for you and all of living creation. So what are you waiting for? I just showed you the pathway to enlightenment and love, here take my hand, I will walk with you and experience your Joy with you, as we give our love away.

Mitakuye oyasin

An Angels Aura Spirit Quartz Crystal to Intensify and Magnify your Energy Field

From my Heart of Hearts ~ to yours Today. I pray, I somehow made your life a little better.

Tony Gray’Owl

Cherokee Shaman Keeper of the Hidden knowledge of the Ancients so freely shared with you.

I can only HOPE, I have reached out and touched your heart, here upon this web I weave.

Give your love away, this is how you received it. Freely, unconditionally

I have cried you a river, that sustains the seas, hop aboard we shall sail together and I’ll take you out upon the stormy oceans of life and show you were . . .



15 responses

  1. Thank You so much for opening my mind. But , the truth is, since I was a little, I have known this naturally, strange, isn’t it? God Bless you all… sorry for bieing so breif in my reply, it’s for I now, in my present life, live in Sweden and my English is so crappy.

    July 16, 2012 at 1:56 PM

  2. I found your page on Facebook, I have not felt so much high energy in years. Great gratitude to you as a Kindred Spirit that cares to share so much with the wold. The endless information about our search for excellence, the art & the music are amazing & inspiring on the highest level. My high Regards to you Brother- Peace, Love & Wisdom always be with you…Elena

    February 7, 2012 at 1:27 AM

  3. david

    Thank You,My Brother

    August 27, 2011 at 7:18 AM

  4. Anne Edmunds

    I am trusting that all is in order, as I have something to discuss. Thank you for sharing this site, and for your encouragement.

    August 22, 2011 at 8:13 PM

  5. MrsTonyGreyOwl

    Thank you for David.

    August 21, 2011 at 10:55 PM

  6. Anne Reynolds

    Why must I be Anne Reynolds, when I know who I am? If I am arheart88, I am another person that found her way to God. Ar<3 is the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. How do I know, God told me. No longer AR<3 yahoo

    August 21, 2011 at 6:57 PM

  7. Chas

    My wife and i have spent our last three holidays, wandering around, the western states, our last one taking us to Utah and Monument Valley, we love and support your fight for equality, your land and customs were savagly taken from you, and it’s time some of it was given back. Monument Valley, was the most spiritual place on this planet i have ever been to, we both felt a great connection there, and we will be returning hopefully next year from the UK.
    Good luck with your fight you have friends over here across the pond Namaste XX

    August 21, 2011 at 4:46 AM

  8. malissa

    love it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    August 20, 2011 at 8:19 PM

  9. Oh brother.

    August 19, 2011 at 11:55 PM

  10. I believe that now I hear your words, without even reading them. I feel as if I have jumped over a hurdle in life, that was once a stumbling block. Now it will take a wise man, to hear just how deep the depth of my statement goes. I can hear just part of your statement now, and soar with it. Wonder what has happened to little Ann? Maybe she is growing up, maybe she never really will, but she is gonna be somebody’s baby from now on. I have babied so many others, but now it is our turn.

    Few understand the gift of love, but it is given freely, and some don’t understand why you can’t continue to give to them when they believe with all their heart, they are entitled to have it without giving it in return. I have sat on that die hard battery too long, and while I learned a valuable lesson, it is time to move on with my new assignments. My sons were the light of my life, and I was so blessed to be able to do all that I did with them in school and in life, but now it is my time, something I never thought about, cause I was so geared for helping others. That will never change because it is part of my fabric in life, but I am happy mothering others, that didn’t receive it, just as I didn’t.

    The part that is so rewarding for me is that the other children I taken on, are so happy to have a mother that gives them positive feed back. I have heard them cry, as I cried with them, from the pain they have experienced, but are still willing to be givers. For someone that didn’t fully get the fact that she needed to love herself last year, she is teaching her heart out now, to those so very deserving of hearing the same message. Who do you think I owe the rewards of my beautiful lessons? I will give you three guesses, and the first two, don’t count. If you are hungry, they will find meat, in the lessons you bring, from a pure heart, of love, that asks nothing in return. I honor you, with humble praise, as you know I don’t follow another without honestly believing in the truth they teach. My early teachers set the ground work, but you are the Master Teacher, that came highly regarded, as the one and only for me, to follow. Thank you always and 4Ever

    August 19, 2011 at 11:13 PM

    • Tony Gray'Owl

      Greetings master student Ann, I am so happy to hear of your fantastic progress. I am also humbled by your words, I am in all humility grateful to have been able to help you in some small way. Thank you, Ann. All my love always Tony Gray’Owl

      August 21, 2011 at 3:19 PM

  11. Candace Wakefield

    I love reading your lessons on life! And you Have touched my heart today. Thank you for the wisdom you share! It really helps me. I wish freedom for your people. Not all of us agree with what our government has done to all of you. I would help if I only knew how. Is there any way I could help? Letter to our leaders? Or would it fall on dead ears? Love to you Tony and thank you for your wonderful teachings! Xoxo

    August 19, 2011 at 7:52 PM

    • Tony Gray'Owl

      My dearest Candice, you have moved me to tears, simply send your love and light in focused intent and this will add to our efforts to awaken the world of people and one day love will be the only law we need. Thank you, In Lak’ech Ala K’in, Gray’Owl

      August 21, 2011 at 2:00 PM

  12. Collette Young (Kelaeno Starfire)

    Your comments and statements have moved me to tears.If I had a choice into which culture I was to be born, it would be the Native American Indian culture.It is wrong that you are not FREE and this is the 21st century when all people should be able to live freely and by their own laws and in their own lands.Thank you for sharing ❤

    July 24, 2011 at 2:08 AM

    • Tony Gray'Owl

      I am so deeply touched with you kind words, Thank you Colette, We are one so do not wish to be . . . just BE, and we are one in thought heart and love. Tony Gray’Owl

      August 21, 2011 at 2:06 PM

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