04 /* Aquarius the /* the OTTER

This chapter has just begun I have much, much more to write

and expose to you upon these pages yet to be written


and the Saga continues

Jan.20 / Feb. 18


the Otter.

Here on the circle the place of cleansing

the Cleansing Time

We shall now step into the age of Aquarius

This is where my earthly father lived

I learned many things from him

Many are the gems of wisdom about to be uncovered here

There is a great love to be found, it’s very near

The piercing North winds,

have caught our sails, lets follow to the end of this trail

With penetrating insight, this my arrow of love I let take flight

Another heart to be shown the light, on this another cold night

Deep within the womb of the mother our earth

is a new life to come

manifesting just beneath the surface

of reality

my sea of tranquility

the otter slips and slides along the outer edges

frolicking in the joy of it all it seems

Lets have a closer look

deep inside where their most precious memories hide

With the light of truth will be exposed, we shall clear out the clutter of accumulated things, like a great whale bursting threw reaching for the sky, wishing they to could fly

Pay close attention that the otter doesn’t slip by

I shall now place them into my sights lets see who

and what comes out

Independent, yet friendly are they

\in an unconventional dynamic way

They are seen to play, to frolic in a fanciful flight of creative thought stimulating, manifesting in an unseen movement, their charitable fantasies of helpfulness. They are boldly sympathetic of the needs of others, yet so sensitive to the efforts of being controlled or manipulated in almost any way themselves. For their deep love of freedom and independence, bleeds out in equality and fairness for every one, they see life in an Utopian way. Inventive with a flair of unpredictable idealistic zeal for reform, the revolutionary air of change, but never in a destructive way. Broad minded, without prejudice, they may appear rather eccentric in their experimentation’s of life.

What a fanciful life they live

Lets follow this trail and see where it leads.

I see them seeking perfection… which lies beyond the realm of understanding. The perfect mate, the perfect lover, perfection itself yet still eludes them by the lack of intensity of emotion they will often find they fell short of their intended target. They missed their mark, for they are not fully focused in the intent. We must help them to transform, for this is their deepest wish. To see with clarity and finish what they start. It truly is at the center of their hearts. Playfully frolicking so they seem in their unpredictably amusing ways so lovably childlike, we must give them direction, help them to focus, for even though their agile minds are bright and inventive, they seem not to remember the lessons learned. Stop! Look, listen.

The cold North winds blow, what lesson will it expose?

Turn around and face it!

the insight from within about to be seen,

another arrow let flight out into the cold dark night.

What shall we see in this new light?

My love?

Yes my love, with the brilliant light of my love

we shall see with perfect clarity.

What do you see?

Have you begun to think, to remember a distant thought.

Forgotten dreams of fantasy, we must balance these!

with the basic facts of reality.

Let us look beyond the intellect of their minds, let me take direct focused aim at the center of their heart.

This I think is where a poem starts.

Sweet partings into Darkest nights…

If you have become one of loves lights.

Draw near my fire of loves delights…

warm the chill from this cold night.

Awake and remember it wasn’t a dream,

We truly are the children of the light.

“ Behold”

into the darkness flies my light…

my Love, my arrow has you in its sight…

for when my light pierces, the darkness simply yields…

it wields no power in my sight.

These clouds of darkness dissipate into the far distance, waiting…

only in the minds and hearts of people

can it daunt its ugly fear.

Know this, with wisdom plunge wholly into the darkest night,

with out fear do not take flight.

I will exercise my might I will guide you fully out, into the light.

With deliberate intent and focused direction,

I will orchestrate the choreography,

of your life.

I pour out my love upon the world for all to see.

I think and it shall be.

For as a man thinkith, in his heart is he.

“Become, the light”

In truth you’ll say, thus I know the way.

Give heart to peace and tranquility,

from this the rich will learn to care…

the abundance even they shall share.

Become the light, but only if you dare.

Pour out freely of your love, for if you love,

your love will always come back to you.

I do not mean that there will not be dark

and stormy nights along the way…

I simply mean… that when you love… you will be loved.

As surely as the moon waxes and wains

It is so because I have said it, don’t you see?

What you say is the way it will be.

How more simpler my I say it?

Come take my hand, let me show you this way…

come on you unbelievers, get out of my way,

there is a new army coming and we are armed only with Love.

Lend me your voices to only the sound of freedom,

do not vest your strength into that which you wish

to be free from.

Hey you! Over there move out of the way.

Step back I have something to say.

Like a mighty ancient oak,

my will cannot be bent to the winds of their cold dark hearts.

For there, is where, my Love starts.

Live your life in love and bravery, live a full life uncommon.

By example I am leading the way.

Inside my heart, there is this space, it bleeds and aches, its watching and waiting for someone to enlighten, I have this hunger that is haunting me…

I am wanting, I am needing, I am here for you.

Yes this is my heart, its talking to you.

In the absence of fear, I am hoping you’ll hear.

And draw near my fire with such delight, warm yourself,

for there is a new day,


It will become clear…

this my gift to you.


my love

I see heaven on earth… there are angels all around me.

This is who we are!

Gods, little children of the light… the object of his affection.

Accept this truth, be on your way, .I give my love to you today.

Just let it flow, pour out your love, watch it grow.

This is the seed I sow.

My Love…

I love,

to watch it grow!

The intuitive aspect of my mind, allows me to see beyond the intellect, there lies perfection beyond knowledge to be found, yes I take conscious aim… with methodical precision my arrow I let fly at the hearts of all those dark targets whirling by.

At the end of the day, this is what I say.

Move over, get out of the way, all you unbelievers,

it will soon be your heart.

In my sights.

Do not think not even for a moment… that you may slip into the shadows and not be seen, I am the master of the dark,

from me it simply departs.

My heart lays bare in truth… the brightness of my light.

Go, plunge into the darkness of night,

from my arrow you cannot take flight.

It lights the way, straight to the center of your heart.

Quietly I am watching… patiently I am waiting…


I’ll have you in my sights, there is no escape.

From my Love.

Once set free

it knows no bounds.

From it your truth shall be found and let free,

my what a wondrous, joyful sound.

The Crack! Of a hardened heart broken when my arrow finds its intended mark.

With silvery moon like lit, your love will begin to flow.

Like a shaft of light, out into the night,

my arrow goes.

To light the way for everyone.

My love grows.

Stronger every day, with every word that I say.

My love


who can say if your heart grows, as it shows your ways to me, who can say why your heart cries, when you let your love go, who knows? Only time will tell the story of your life. Who can say where your road goes,

who knows?

Who can say?

Only time.

It is time now to face the experiences of your dreams, to learn the mastery of manifesting what you visualized, to understand that those dreams are possibilities transformed into probabilities,

the spiritual awakening

to remember the enlightening of your heart Realized

The life path of the Otter,

these Aquarius people, is of reform to reinvent through discovery of self. Your path is lit by the faint light of hope set far into your future, yet there is a far less fragile light which is the light of my love, it will reveal to you the long-lasting existence of oneness, this separation you feel, is but an illusion, you need not fight the catastrophic struggles of your past,

you need not bear the weight of the disappointments

that you have lived through.

I give you a new vision with my guiding light, there are miracles coming into your life, I assure you on the horizon just out of your sight. My love, here plant this seed, lets see what grows, who knows? Only time will tell the story of my life. My love, I give my love to you, remember you are the one I love, the only one I love, you are every thing to me, my love is your love today. As we are about to take the next step of the circle of life,

the discovery of everyone, one at a time.

I ask the Goose and the Otter, to come sail with me out into the sea of tranquility, lets see where this trail goes. Together our love grows, together our light is becoming very bright. Understanding, knowledge and wisdom, the tools of my trade, I wield the power of my love, and set it free to go crashing out into the sea, spreading ever spreading out from my sight, the power my might the brightness of my light, in it my love grows.

From within it my love flows. The eyes of truth are always upon you, I heard an angel cry out! and this is what I said, Yes, I will be the one, my life I will give the price to pay, for everyone, yes everything, is worth saving, there is not one who is not worthy in my sight, I give my love away.

So what is it now that you have to say?

Where is your Love?

Does it grow?


the North /north-east winds are about to blow,

the breath of life is on the go.

Here it comes to fill my sails,

let us see where this trail goes onward we must not fail.

Into the night… we’ll go spreading the light.

Who shall we see, what will this light expose?

Let me take aim, for the boat it slows.

There! Who is this within my sights?

The blustery winds of time

the mind is a tell that can be told,

so the telling of it must be bold.

turn the page  /*  chapter 5


2 responses

  1. Betty Munguia

    I am an Aquarius and what you say is true, I love life and all as one and wear my heart on my sleeve as my kids say, always wanting World Peace, I am also an Empath which is hard having those dreams about someone’s death and it coming true. It’s a Gift and also very hard knowing things before they happen

    January 27, 2016 at 10:05 PM

  2. very uplifting for me….Thank you Tony Gray Owl

    November 29, 2011 at 8:54 PM

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