06 /* Aries the Falcon

Again there is far more for me to write here than I have already written come back often to catch up


Aries / the Falcon

the earthly influences of, the Awakening, time

Has come upon us,

carried in on the winds of the East

the Awakening

is about to begin

Aries old friend, how have you been?

I see that your Yang, still predominates

Here take the lead, initiate… the awakening from the long cold nights of winters dreams.

Lets see this new beginning as seen through your eyes, the eyes of the Falcon.

This next step we take around the circle of life.

An impetuous , impulsive, force so active so easily aroused.

With compassion my friend, exercise your patience, without the vanity of conceit.

Sing us your song!

Share with us the ocean of knowledge, the passion of your discernment, your personal

experience, fiery as it may be, show us the efforts of your success, your individuality,

share with us, Tolerance. For this I know you must cultivate.

So begins the time of Growth, and bright illumination.

The equinox of spring breaks, upon the horizon.

Waking from the dormant darkness of winters rest.

I must express with a newness of life’s energies, which requires patient nurturing and loving care to bring it into full bloom, the breath of life is on the move.

This is the beginning, gaining strength, bringing spirituality to be manifest into a new life.

It is time for your Joy, to blossom. Love, watch it grow.

A most enchanting event, this new beginning.

What is it you most desire to tell us old friend? Quickly show us your light.

In great speed you take flight and yet with such incredible sight.

Lets gently arouse this deep affection, with my love, let me take aim.

Dear friend you are in my sights, even in your quickest flight you cannot get away.

So you may as well simply tell, exactly what you have to say.

Let me take a closer look.

Set ablaze the midnight skies and see what shows, only time knows, the story of life.

Who can say why your heart cries when your love flies,

who can say what the day seems, if the night holds onto your dreams, I will show.

Watch I let my arrow go!

With my love

I show you,


Who can say what love grows? if you but let it show you the way.

Only time knows, what I am about to say.

Look! My love breaking upon the horizon a brand new day!

The warm glow of my love,

it will feed us

this day.

With an open mind, we must embrace the influence of change with harmony.

I hear the Angels singing, rejoicing in the light my arrow again takes flight.

Illuminating the night, laying bare in our sight, everyone’s  fright.

Look! Look! It is so bright.

My Love, it grows.

It shows

that it knows

The way.

To your heart, it flies straight and swift beyond speed, for it needs to make you bleed

my love, it shows, my love, it grows.

My love, It knows no bounds, till in true love it has found. Your love.

It has found for me today.

This I think is what you have to say,

to me, to us, please show the way.

Do not make haste, in judgment your exuberant impulsiveness to initiate, flights of fantasy. With out exaggeration, show us your designs, we shall not fail to rise above any adversities, with infectious enthusiasm show us the inclinations of your heart.

The true value, of practical balance the idealism of it, its practical endeavor to bring about complete fulfillment the benefits of perfection.

Do not be restless have patience within my sight, there is something else to be discovered in this light.

My love will show.

The way.

Threw your heart, my love will flow and your love it will grow.

Here plant this seed.

Let us sow.

Let us see into what it will grow, so slow, ever so slowly it must grow.

Soon, my love we will see, the fruits of our labor.

We shall see what we grow. With our love.

I see with out my eyes… I feel with out my hands…

a simple truth is about to be exposed by the light of my love, from which we see so clearly!

Beyond the threshold of consciousness, lies the Eternal heart of the awaiting dream. To touch… the sacred part of Gods heart, is to know the infinite of a finite being.

Beyond free… beyond the Word. Is God.

He has just bared his heart to all.

To touch the heart of God!

How can you not see!?

My love.




God said at the very moment of your conception, I with my finger… wrote my word.

Of truth upon your open heart and gave you your life.

Deny me in any way you chose, this is my truth.

This is my word.

I Love you.

Always have.

Always will.

For that is my will, my love will always come back to you.

Your love will always come back to me.

For my love is your love.

And my love

always comes back to me.

So do you see exactly what it is you have to do?

You have to set it free !!!

My love.

The Love that I gave to thee.

I looked up into the moon this feeling came over me, I felt so blue.

I looked again and then saw you.

My love

Love look what you’ve done to me,

love, you wouldn’t lie to me leaving me to feel this way, would you?

My love?

hold me closer than you ever dared, before.

Take me to where I don’t care any more.


look what you’ve done to me. ohh, love look what I’ve done to me.




do what you do to me.

come to me my love,

or just walk away.

You don’t want to know… you must take it on the chin, don’t you know?

Someone cries about you,

there could be a precious love waiting for you.

It’s my love.

Don’t you see the signs, or have you forgotten?

I lie here trying to sleep expecting to get lost in my dreams.

But I cannot close my eyes.

I lie here trying to sleep

ohhh… my dreams


what do they mean?


my dream.

In the court of the king am I, the rusty stains of the chains upon my heart

just unshackled from deep within the dark,

the key, it shattered at my release

never to lock again.

my heart

My Love! its free!

At last! there are no more bonds to break free from.

For ever it is free, my love, is free!

I want you. I want you so bad its driving me mad

its driving me mad.

I want you to know so bad, its driving me mad

I don’t want to be sad.

Your so… heavenly, when your love comes to me.

My love I give to thee.

Here take this, I made a new key, set yourselves free.

With the masters key to my heart, set it free,

let the tears of my love wash away those rusted stains, left by your chains,

for so long now hidden away in the dark, our love can be seen in my light

the light of my love has just set you free to be with me.

My Love, no matter what, always comes back to me don’t you see?

My love is floating on the clouds of time.

Eternal one step at a time I have been waiting for the sunshine of your love,

to break threw, to bath me in its warmth, your love is mine.

Ohhh… what a dream ohhh, what a story.

Whispers in the night, dressed in a dream.

A vision of the day.

First the Last, never for a single day will you ever be alone.

Coming a long oh what a long way we have come.

Making the way for everyone.

Come on lets go the journey is just beginning, the adventures wait to be experienced.

What a crew we know what to do, here with me, the Goose, Otter, the wolf and now here is Pisces the Falcon, joining in to help show the way today, is just another day,

in My Life.

Same thing I am going to teach everyone how much I love you.

My Love, old friend Falcon tell us about your love.

How high it soars, sky high into the clouds, these dreams from which it all comes.

Tell us my love all about your love my friend.

Go ahead, set yourselves free, turn the key, break free from your dreams.

Awaken remember who you are in my sight, in my light.

A fantastic adventure, my fantasy brought to life, reality.

The breath of life is on the move.

People keep on turning, people got to keep on going, it won’t be long till we reach the highest ground. It won’t be long till everyone of you are found.

My last time on earth I lived a whole life of sin. Free will, my will, my love.

People… You have been found, come with me to the higher ground, I will show you all around. We will stick our heads into the clouds and see what lies within to be found.

These Aries, the Falcons they fly so high, they can see all around!

Lets see what they have found. Listen, to what they have to say.

My love you are in my sights, my arrow it takes flight, to illuminate the night.

My love, tell us what you’ve found.

We have nearly reach the highest ground.

Let us see the ardour of their attention we shall flirt with their ego, to stimulate the seductive, out spoken frankness of their own romantic story.

Alluring with great charisma they speak.

Lets sneak a peek in side their hearts.

Its kind of spooky in here.

The way you can see

so clear to the heart of me.

The way you do this thing to me, with out a word, I heard what you said to me.

Here! In my head. Are the things of life, my love said.

The way you do those things to me, soft words never spoken only heard, inside your head

do you think I only want to get next to you? No. I am in the mood for love.

Tonight, be strong, do not fear, I am here with you. Don’t you understand, my hearts on fire for you. The way you make me feel I understand, it could be the promised land.

Look! Do you see? What I have found, just lying there on the ground, just waiting to be found, my love it was here from the start, my love it has been found. Plant the seed it is not so weed, a needy greed, it’s my love waiting to be found and planted in the ground.

My love how it grows, ever sharing if you please, like a misty breeze my love gentle in it’s needs my love fills your every need no matter what you please, my love has been found.

Did you see? My arrow found it’s mark! Crack it just broke their heart and now it bleeds my love back to me.

Aries, oh Aries, how you bleed, give up your poison seeds, let go your evil needs,

show us your experience through your deeds.

Your possessions we have a need an urgent greed.

To know the secrets of your heart you’ve kept hidden in the dark for so long, Pray tell,

tell it to me. My love will set you free.

NOW Bleed my love back to me.

The Falcon swift, to see the light, come out and play with us tonight, your song.

This love I have so longed to hear, your heart it is so near, so dear to me, my love.

Sing your song to me.

For your love, now belongs to me. My love always comes back to me.

Soon, soon you will all see, the light of my love, with your own eyes you will see, into the hearts of all there are to see, and then we shall all be one, held within my arms, I forever longed for you to be in my arms, in love with me, closer than you’ve ever dared to be so faithful and true to me, I will be the one to hold you in my arms, after all I am the one who’s so in love with you. My love never fails. It always comes back to me.

Come near, over here, let me mend your broken heart, after all it bleeds for me.

Lets break the spell these tangled webs we weave, figments of the mind.

The unspoken dreams of you, do I ever cross your mind?

For I long to have you here right by my side.

Do you ever want me next to you?

You’ve got the love you have the power to set it free.

Do not take to many chances, turn your love around, I can show you how to turn your love around, from where it was found.

I am going to take you back to where you belong. Here with me. Forever and a day.

I’m gonna turn your love around, I’m gonna show you how to be found.

Just lying there on the ground, my love is to be found, from where it grows,

Within it is the light from which you may see, the truth of your reality.

For All to see, the beauty of my plan, exactly where I stand.

What is this I behold in my sights?

Your open heart in my hand, so gentle I shall be with the ability to heal the pain

the rusty stain of the chains I broke you free from, life is yours tonight.

My love tell me whats going on in your mind.

I will patiently listen, sing us your song.

Yeah, oh yeah, every time I see you I want to cry tears of joy, I just want to say these words to you. Every time I’m near you I feel blinded by the light.

So bright is your insight.

To be able to see me in this way, in this light, any one can see clearly, your love.

It has struck me to the heart, the very center where I start, and removed me from the dark. Your love is so good to me, your love is so very soothing you see, your love has just set me free. Your love I give back to thee. My love is now your love together free.

In me tonight, within the light of your love, you saw the way to these heavy chains and broke my love free, to escape from the night in plain sight my love at last it is free.

Whats going on? You might ask. You gave me a task, my love I set free.

I will lay bare my soul to see the every thing of me, I will tell you whats going on with me. Here in my mind inside my heart I see tonight, like never before, whats going on.

I’m no longer in the dark, I can see for the first time so clearly, whats going on.

I been flying high, looking for someone to share my love with in this life time.

The more I see the more I know I am yours for a life time, my love I give back to you. It set me free I understand I am so completely in love with you.

Can you hear what I am trying to say? I am hoping you will know that from now on I will always be around for a life time your love has shown me, the way of what you say. You have shed the light on me, the light of your love has set me free. Tonight no longer trapped there in the dark, not knowing where to start, a life time I have waited for your love, to come, back to me. I am so happy in the light of your love, loving me.

From now on every night will be a party don’t you see it’s not just any another day.

You set me free to be me in your sight.

No more need for street lights I have my own light!

Here within my sight is…


My love came and saved me tonight no need for any other light to see.

I am now free. To just be me.

In the street light this little circle I was drawn, to the street light, the only light I could see, to the center of it I was drawn like a bug, so afraid of the dark, so cold and all alone in the street light, I no longer need in the love of your light I am freed from the tiny circle of my evil greeds. My street light you unplugged, you turned on the light of love you got right into my head, and said, no need for that street light any longer no need for you to fear the darkness any more, the only darkness to be found, shadows on the ground, just lying there with out a sound, frozen in the bright light of my love. Powerless, don’t you see, just a mere shadow of my love, the light that sets it all free, to be exactly what you see, Me!

I am, now you see my love is set free in your love together it will grow our love.

Look! Right here on the ground it was laying there to be found a seed, lets plant it and see what our love grows. Together you and me.

I hear a whisper, in the dark. It is the East winds about to blow,

back out on the sea we must go, another step along the way to eternity.

With my love to show the way.

To the insight of your mind

your heart upon your sleeve

where I will make it bleed my love back to me.

Down the ramp we go, the Goose, Otter, the Wolf, the Falcon and me. Out on the sea of tranquility, to see where we go from here. My love shines tonight, brighter than any light, you’ve ever seen, showing me the way to your heart tonight, you cannot escape my sight. I am coming home. Where you are to be found, perhaps lying on the ground like a shadow froze in the fear of darkness all alone. My love I come to set you free.

As we pushed of into the night, the Falcon sat upon my shoulder and whispered in my ear. I am so grateful to be found, I no longer need to fear for my love, your love is here with me, together with my friends free now to roam, to travel all around the circle of life to see exactly what will become of us. I love you. I love you. I love is all that I can say.

For setting me so free in your love tonight. Which became the light of my life.

We turned to face the winds of change are taking place as the sails set us upon the pace of Destiny.

Another step in the circle of life, about to be exposed out of the night in my love to be set free.

Lets see, who is just over the horizon.

Our light now much stronger than before we will be knocking on your door, tonight.

With My love, tonight I will have you in my sights.

No need to fear, my dear, my love has your heart in it’s sight, soon to be freed. Soon.

My love you will be free.

I feel a need, and urgency it’s crackling in the air, the East winds blow straining to get us there. What is this within my sight? What is this darkness? It is not supposed to be so dark here what is wrong? This is where the Son rises and breaks the grip of night.

My arrow, I must, I must let take flight out into the darkness of this lightless place. Lets see what is going on here, and expose it in the light of our love.

I love my day dreams when I’m thinking of you. You are in my heart, the object of my desires at this very moment, you are my only concern. Of you must I learn, whats going on. Who is this? Just beyond the shore. Just barely visible even in my sights.

Lets turn up the lights. With our love and see whats going on.

I must open up my heart, and let it shine, without doubt, you will be mine tonight, just before the crack of dawn, your heart my love will find. Straight to the center it will fly.

Set ablaze by the love of you.

Before you know the love in me. My arrow you will see, breaks free from the gloom you’ve found yourselves trapped in, afraid to even take a look around, you are so bound by your fears, my love is about to set you free. In it’s light you will see, me.

And I will surely see you. Those hidden dreams lying dormant frozen in the fear at the center of your heart , lost stumbling, feeling your way around in the darkness of the life.

You are not alone.

Only in your mind does the darkness daunt it’s ugly fear.

Let my love draw near. We shall see what will happen. I am, we are near.

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