03 /* Capricorn the Goose

a reminder that I have to edit

and add a tremendous amount of knowledge to write down here

It is still as is a great read

Namaste, Tony Gray’Owl

So begins the saga… the story of our, lives

The adventure has begun…

This is you.

Don’t blush.

You are merely the next step on the circle of life, I know you.

This is who you have shown me that you are.

This is who I see you to be.

What I see, is this…

Dec.22/ Jan.19

Birth and animal totem: the Goose,

just as the goose loves to gather in groups with lots of chatter, they love to entertain.

their influence, is of earth; the renewal time and the north winds cold, hard, driving.

In the dead of winter comes the solstice, which brings the refreshing thoughts of renewal.

That even though everything is so cold and lifeless, all is preparing for the re-birth of a new life, from the old. A time of rest and introspection, in anticipating what is to come.

The people born here, at this place on the circle of life. The North/north-west.

Are practical and ambitious, though enjoying to have many people around them, they are reluctant to allow any one to close to themselves, they guard their hearts, giving the appearance of being rather reserved, even though they appear so outgoing, for they feel very vulnerable, emotionally if they give to much of themselves or allow you to close into their personal space. Do not attempt to get to close to their heart, as they will run away or leave you completely behind. Even though, they know that they will come back, time and time again. This cycle of coming and going constantly, is extremely difficult for them to come to grips with and for anyone else for that matter to understand at all. They love deeply and are wonderful parents, if you can overcome their emotional insecurities, their vulnerabilities, for their Nature; can be severe! Which some may appear to be “austere”. They know themselves to be “self-centered” and quite “self-demanding”, although they are reliable, they are also very “prudent”. Their Intentions; is of” Trust,” even though they find it so hard to give trust, because of their own lack of it.

Their Totem; Goose, (earth) which is the Turtle clan, who’s function is preparing and predominate elements are a combination of (Earth and Air). Air is the element of the mind, new thoughts and ideas. Earth sustains as with air it refreshes and transforms. Earth, sustains and stabilizes this influence is necessary for the realization of the ideas and ideals to take place, as with the Air it merely inspires them into thought which is the power of creation, the breath of life at work doing what it does. The air forming, the earth manifesting.

I think it could be said something like this.

Please give me one more life, one more night and I will give you forever. Like the river unto the sea I will let my love flow. Endless… Eternal.

This is their idealistic, emotional barrier that must be overcome, if you are to ever receive their trust. One more chance, one more opportunity, one more time, please? Forgive me. You must give them your love freely and let them go, when they return greet them with the open arms of forgiveness. This can be interpreted of course by an inspirational sense of the quest to find a spiritual perfection that has to be balanced by a strong sense of security, love, and to be received it must first be given them. Or earned. They have an inherent resistance to any sudden change, so make “haste” slowly with them otherwise they will feel that you are failing them and it has a dramatic affect on them, their thoughts and reactions. They have an eye for the beauty in detail and strive for inner perfection, yet at the slightest provocation they are thrown out of balance. The key to their heart is “Patience”. Highly determined and ambitious people, with a practical resourcefulness, with an abundant vigor to pursue and attain their own interests. Yet generally prefer not to become involved in the lives of others. Which can be taken, as being aloof, or even uncaring in the eyes of others. Still in their favor is the fact that if you have stood the test of time, your love and loyalty has been proven true and stead fast, their concern for your well being and comfort and love for you can be very dependable, though easily caused to become imbalanced as their idealism causes them to quite literally take things far to seriously. Feeling misunderstood and even mistreated, problems are blown way out of proportion, with bouts of gloominess that can develop into a soured embitterment.

Yet you can be assured that if they become enamored with a desire of “their” heart! They are tireless in the efforts, even unflinching in depriving their own comforts or life’s pleasures for a while any ways, even to the point of suffering a hardship created by themselves in order to attain the desire of their heart. Thus they can learn to draw on this inner strength to develop a shrewdness in turning an adverse situation into ultimate advantage by recognizing the true value of a thing. So you must learn, for your own protection, see that you must exercise caution here with them, they can use you and burn you up with out care it almost seems, to achieve their hearts desires, at nearly any cost! And yet you can so very easily fall head over heals in love with them.

I did!

Yes. I must say here in all honesty that I found myself nearly trapped in my love of her. Capricorn, the Goose, the beauty and lust of her, I would have given my life, it where the price of her desire.

And yet, they are such a delicate soul, so fragile. So easily misunderstood.

Their intentions confused by their desires, for they truly have a tender, gentle heart.

Which can easily be seen in this way… by their own actions.

They will inevitably show you this intensity in the fact that they, Love… Nature and all the little creatures, even the big ones, in such an exceedingly way that you may feel that they care more about them, than the welfare of the human beings of this world.

You may find that in the later years of their lives, they have reclused into the care of these creatures, completely closing outworldly interests off. Except the parts of life that are absolutely necessary to survive.

Like your plant Totem, Capricorn; the goose. Your resemblance to the teachings of the Bramble! Which is your plant totem.

The bramble, with its prickly thorns, teach both protection and suffering the pain of being caught in the brambles, in the middle of the thick of things with no way out other than the pain of it all. Yet in some abundant way you experience in your life the difficulties and the pain of suffering that this brings and yet, “you” yourselves are somehow protected from the harm.

You are not hurt by it.

You seem to be impervious to wound, or bleed from it.

It would seem to me that perhaps the suffering, the experience of the entanglement, the feelings of no way out. Must be had in order to bear your ripest most sweetest of fruits.

This your inspiration and the courage to be persistent in the efforts to reach the desires of

and attain the higher understandings of the heart.

Do you see where I am going here? Where I am leading to?

The place that this guide, is taking you, without ever leaving your seat.

You cannot hide, I see your heart in my sights. I am focused.

I am the picture of balance, I am the example of equality.

What was that equation?

I = U .

pure genius.

I feel the pain, your pains of life are crashing into me, I can bring you to my sea, of tranquility.

Do you like to sail?

I love just floating along, with the flow of things.

Would you like to go for a ride?

I’ll paint a motion picture in your mind.

With the sounds of my fingers laying these words down.

Don’t you remember when I said the power to lay it all down?

I have the Power! To lay it down.

What if, I had said nothing?

Do you see what I mean?

The power its in your hands,

you are wielding your life as we speak.

Go ahead write it down.

Your, life… is in your hands.

It has nothing to do with me,

I simply hope you made the right choice.

I am so happy! Just, to be speaking with ” you “ right now.

Yes you!

I am Honored.

Thank you for being here for me, I love you.

I told you I was allowed to interrupt when ever I wanted to.

I am not done speaking with the geese. You silly goose!

But! I want everyone to hear. What I say. No questions asked.

The winds of introspection are flowing.

The breath of life, is on the move.

Be careful, don’t breath.

You don’t want yours taken away do you?

Hanging on by a breath.

How much do you love life? Your life.

What are you willing to do?

Will you be the one?

Oh what, now its me asking you questions?


What is the answer?

Life is so very marvelous my love.

The beauty of it.

Its very essence.

I love. Tony.

I love you, don’t you see?

How more simpler may I say it?

My intent to turn many into one, with the breath of life,

my passion there of…

the desires of my heart!

I love.





what must I do?

To get your attention.

Tell me.

My Love. what must I do?

Is it the things you don’t want to know or remember,

you want me to speak aloud?

Are you sure!

I’ll ask you again. Are you sure?

You want to know?


Then close your eyes…

do you see? Can you? See?

An ocean of compassion, please hear my ancient words of truth. Swept up In an Ocean of lusts undrowned, my desires yet found,

I see everyone, so clearly.

We are afloat on my sea of tranquility.

The gentle breeze, the breath of life…

has us on the move.

Look! It is the Goose, floating just over there all alone. Lets go and pick them up we will take them for a ride,

we will take them to the other side.

Perhaps then they will remember the way.

Let us take a long term aim… I am going to put them in my sights, we shall see if they take flight, let us over come their frustrations we will manifest their dreams of perfection, most speedily for them. Let me focus and settle in, from here is where their journey will begin, I will not fail you, I will speak the words in absolute truth, of the higher self you dream to become. Close your eyes my love, allow me to direct your dreams of flight.

I know that you are most unlikely not to show your affection in plain sight…

but, I know you in private are such a sensual, passionate lover.

Like the pure whiteness of the goose, symbolizes the purity of their intentions of simplicity, security, dependability, self reliance, self sufficient. These are your needs, your poison seeds, come lay them all down, look!

Look what I found!

A seed…

Lets you and I, plant this one and see what grows.

Who knows? Who can tell,

what happens when you pour out your love.

You just simply let it flow, freely let it go. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done, it doesn’t matter where you are from. The important thought is in my sight, where we’ll go from here on this flight,

I will whisper into you dreams a vision of such delight.

I see you clearly, this gentle complete lover you wish to be.

Who can say why your heart cries, when your love is let fly.

Soaring to heights unseen. I want to see your love grow,

who knows only time…

pour out your love and watch it grow.

With this done, we have vanquished your greatest obstacle, self-doubt.

I will lead you to the expanse of your true achievement.

The ability to live.

To Love.

Openly, freely, without fear,

for I am always here to catch you safely from your fall.

So put aside your fears and doubts,

Here is my love your safety net this web I weave,

the Circle of my Life.

Come step with me out into the light.

You don’t even have to take flight, I will lift you up and take you there on the wings of my prayer.

To show you, my love… is where true love, can be found.

You must lay down and let go of the attachments of the past,

for here and now at last, my love, to you I am bound.

Forever and a day

As we prepare to take the next step into the circle of life. I ask you the Goose to leave behind, all your troubles or worries and come with me on this journey out of the darkness and into the light. Lets take flight. Out from the nights sky we shall fly, into the light a bright blazing beacon of light like a great star, a sign to show the way, to be by shining example… to be seen by all. In the light of public scrutiny, their eyes upon us. what will they do? Lets

turn the page   /*  chapter 4.


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  1. sp looking forward to this thanks for sharing

    October 17, 2015 at 4:15 PM

  2. This made me smile as each thought that entered my head on reading it was like you answered me or stopped me in my tracks lol.

    March 7, 2014 at 7:18 PM

  3. 🙂

    March 7, 2014 at 5:52 PM

    • 😉 the Owl loves the Goose. LOL I love this book.

      March 7, 2014 at 6:20 PM

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