Native American Indian

to Follow these Tracks . . . is to realize they are your’s

If it’s not yet obvious to you, the real reason for this



All seasons are You

A more perfect child of the Universe has never lived

Until now

only celebrations cloaked in myth and mystery could hint at your divine

heritage and sacred destiny. You are life’s prayer of becoming its answer

The first light at the dawn of eternity drawn from the ethereal so that I might

know my own depth to discover new Heights and Revel in the Glory of my

tranquil seas of blessed emotion

A pioneer into Illusion

An adventurer into the Unknown

A lifter of the Veils that Blind us



Exalted by Legions in the Unseen

To give beyond reason

To care beyond hope

To love without limit

To reach, stretch, and dream, in spite of your fears

These are the hallmarks of your


Traits of the Immortal

your Badges of Honor

May you wear them with a pride as great as the immeasurable pride I feel for you

Your light has Illuminated, Darkened Paths

your Gaze has lifted Broken Spirits

and already your Life has changed the course of


This is the time that I celebrate You, Bowing before Greatness

The Universe that you have shown is in me

You have caused by your Living Example

These thoughts and emotions to well up from within my

Heart and the depths of my Mind

I will think about what kind of person I want to be when

I am an Elder


To Seek the Knowledge


I will start developing Myself now to be this person

I will walk with the Great Spirit and the Grandfathers at my side

to show me the way

I will develop myself to remain positive

I will develop a good mind

I will develop purest of Love within my heart

I will examine myself daily to see what I did good and

what I need to improve

I will examine my strengths and weaknesses then I will ask the Creator to guide

me, Each Day

I will listen for the Creator’s voice upon the wind

I will watch nature and ask to be shown the lesson’s

which will occur on my path

I will seek out the Guiding Principles Which guided my ancestors

I will walk in Dignity, Honor and Humility

conducting myself as a wise warrior I will seek the guidance of the Elders

so that I may maintain the knowledge of our

Culture ~ Ceremonies and our Songs of Praise and Glory to the Great Spirit

so that I may pass these on to future generations

I choose to do all these things Myself, Because no one else can do them for Me

I know  that


So I will need to learn to walk the talk

To lead by Living Example the ways of  the


A Native American Letter to the World


To Keep Brightly Lit within my Heart the Fire of the Great Spirits Love for us His Children of the Light

by Tony Gray’Owl

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