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Symbol of the INNER CIRCLE of LIFE / Centre of the Highest Realization of Self



Welcome… Namaste… To all that find there way here…

to this one tiny spot in the entirety of the cosmos.

Are you seeking, things unknown

Answers to questions that haunt you





American Cherokee Shaman

Keeper of the Hidden Knowledge

From within the Centre of the Center



I have Become the LIGHT so that you may SEE clearly

from within the INNER most Centre I let my LIGHT SHINE

So you may see and understand these things of great Wisdom being shared here with you freely I give to



You need to reach the highest Realization of SELF

ever Attained in the course of a life as a Human Being



Now let your mind sail away with these words


My Life has become so Real  /*  from within the Silence of  Self

Let your Heart sail away with your mind to explore Reality

Your Dreams



From here you shall take a journey into the

Mind and Heart Of Tony Gray’Owl

Too the CENTER

of Highest Realization of Self


Within Gray’Owl’s Heart lives the Wisdom of the Ancients these first living souls that inhabited this small speck of dust amongst all the worlds beyond normal accepted human Comprehension and Understanding

Although the Ancient ones are gone now thought to be


Yet still live on as they and their Knowledge and the wisdom

they Mastered still lives in Gray’Owl’s Heart and Mind


Gray’Owl is not so much their descendant

He is not the last of the ancients


What I Am  /*


What He has become is the Living voice the Light of this entire nation of extinct people

that continuously cry out from the wilderness to all that will listen

He keep’s alive their living essence the words handed down through time

taught orally only in secret by the great ones before him


I AM here to pass down  /*

to pass on this vast data base of unknown Knowledge

and Wisdom far beyond the reach or even the grasp of

Modern Science and Civilization

Yes even the Powerful Religions and their Leaders of this world

cannot teach you what you will find here


At the Centre of Center


If you wish to learn to live a life of Inner Peace and Outer



Which can only truly be found in this my shamanistic way of life I am attempting to Teach you  /*  you must first become as the student

I understand many of you that visit me here at the Centre are teachers

Yet often the teacher must become the student again one more time in their life

To become the very best Teacher that one can become

I am always the eager student



I do not ever wish to be thought of as an egotistical man, to be bowed down to, nor whoreshiped as some seem to think as they have passed through here. I am merely a man, a man of simple means, a man of simple needs, but I am willing to be your guide, to these things

Heavenly Earth Bound Treasures so to say

That you can discover no ~ where else on earth.

All I would ask

If I asked for anything in return would be to become

To look inside your soul and then the world will open up to you

You’ll See the Beauty of a Human Life ~ Lived

Within the Highest realizations of Self

Let your Fantasies become your life

Life is Eternal


I will look out from the Top of the World

the Red Warrior Spirit

Into Eternity

In able to


To the Centre of


I Captured it within my Heart

Held Brilliant within my Mind

These visions of the Eternal Flame


Returning to our Earth in able to share with you the

Beauty of All Seen and Lived as




there is no other way to truly Live a Human Life


I have traveled far beyond the reaches of even the most brilliant of minds and imaginations

I have been the student of never known

the student of many many many Master




From nearly all walks of life and Beliefs

To have arrived here as a Master of life’s lessons myself


Yet I am also the always listening always watchful student the pupil yes is not only the master Teacher he is forever the pupil as there is always another new lesson to study to learn the inner depths of and apply to ones own life and learning the wisdom’s extracted from each lesson of


I have found hidden lessons inside of lessons taught by others that the teacher of the lesson had never discovered no matter how many times they looked at the lesson and then taught it as they saw it to be

Yes there are lessons to be found inside of lessons that are inside the


being revealed to you… it only depends on how far you can see… not beyond the horizon, you must be able to see within the within of everything

To the CENTRE of Center


To go far beyond realization unlike our scientists of old and now today they attempt to figure things out through applied mathematics

Yes this holds clues to things but is not the answer that they seek merely a direction of focused thought

Here let me give to you the most



conception of Simplicity


The most Advanced Mathematical equation conceivable to the human mind far beyond your current level of understanding


Should I calculate and expose to you the highest of genius concepts concevable ?

the most Complex / Yet / simplified to infinity

Mathematical problem

This is the equation

I = U.



If you do not get this Highest / most basic understanding

of highest self


Come back when you have reached the beginning point of your first lesson


what is this first lesson you may ask




When you have found your humility return here


Then we shall take the first step out upon the pathway of your new life an epic adventure beyond all other things ever thought to be known


A complete total Highest realization of SELF


I will give to you the clue to the understanding of this mathematical wonder


I will calculate it for you once more to simplicity itself explained


Here is the answer


>>>——->   1   <——-<<<


What is the question


That Elevates your thoughts and brings you here to this ultimate answer of simplicity, of Self understood

Seldom thought are these things, I offer.

As they are the deepest and Ultimately the highest Realized understanding of

Self through applied Wisdom

shall we read on ?

Listen to these words




Remember Who You Are


You need not Step out  _ _ _ _ _ _ _  into the Light


You need not Become the Light


All you need do


Is remove the Blinders of Ignorance

Taught to you by your Teachers of past lost

Trapped within their own Darkness of what they had been

Taught is the Truth


Open your inner Eye’s

Reach In and realize this ultimate realization of



You “ARE ” the “SOURCE” of





the Eternal Light of Self once Realized and you shall Shine like the Sun

Do you see ?

Shall we continue

Chapter 1.  /* the Foundation of the INNER CIRCLE of LIFE

Forward  /* the History and the Future of the Native American Indian

Click here to ~ the Life of A Shaman


7 responses

  1. I found my way here to help a friend. I had quite an experience just prior to finding this. At times I think I’m connected to someone and when they have a feeling, I am aware of it in ways that make me feel their hurt. I am doing my best to be my higher self but messages don’t always express what the heart feels. Thank you for this wonderful lesson here. I have missed reading them and now I can even hear the music on my phone. Bless you my brother of light.

    July 15, 2012 at 1:51 PM

  2. Carolyn

    If you ever travel and give talks, I would be interested in attending. Your website is very fascinating. Abundant blessings to you!

    August 10, 2011 at 8:29 PM

  3. Your words resonate so much with me I just stumbled upon you on Face Book and had to learn more . Your Truth makes my Heart sing your Wisdom is to be desired !! We are One my Brother Namaste All need to read your words so we can walk in Beauty and Spirit as One with all Creation and All That IS . I too am a Sagittarius born on Dec 10 1953 @ 1:00 pm .. I am so anxious to read more I have so much to learn Excited and Eager In Love of Oneness xXx

    April 16, 2011 at 4:02 PM

  4. Donna Jean

    My teacher and dearest friend .. congrats its the Perfect creation i am so happy and so pleased for you in every way… I have gathered in this small parcel from my heart all the blessings i have to give and all of my unconditional love and place it here in this place … the most beautiful place on earth… I honor and respect you this day and may all the angels of the earth sing your song and set the fires for all to see and bring peace love and fellowship into your circle of life and begin to plants the seeds from here as we follow your footprints and your heart… I LOVE YOU. Your angel and your friend always Donna Jean

    November 28, 2010 at 4:06 PM

    • Tony Gray'Owl

      Sometimes, I slip or stumble, yet I keep trying, sometimes I fall, but I get back up. It is the most crazy difficult thing I have ever done attempting to bare my heart here and create this the Living BOOK of LIFE. you inspire me, thank you, Namste sister, love ya Tony

      January 17, 2011 at 11:30 PM

      • I knew tonight it was time to get back to my studies. All day I was speaking with other grandmothers on inner levels. I need information yesterday for my work today. I haven’t a problem as long as I stay connected. I value myself because I have been included in the works of the greatest Masters I’ve every known. They are my right of passage here. They do not have to come back, and I am one to carry on their work of heart. This makes me sad because I miss them so much but they are still with me and encourage me to help in fields that they still are invested into. Thus my relationship with Jay. Thank you for allowing me this opportunity to move forward. Without your guidance I would have lost my way. Is this the End, of that I’m not sure but if I am to continue I do need my friends to help me. Some of them need more than I want to give but maybe I am being unfair. Non of us can be another. We can only do our best. I hope he took my suggestion and tried to follow you. I have had missions that I had to follow because when they need me I will never turn my back on those that held me up when I was lost. I tried to make my life all that it should or could have been. I have three sons that were meant to be and a jewel of a grandson to be here to form his mission. Without my presence they would not have become who they are. Sick or well I gave what I had to give. No regrets have I in my house. Only wish I could have done more. I was sick for so long before I knew what was wrong and now looking back I don’t hold any grudges. It isn’t who I am. You know who I am and I am honored that you still wanted to be my teacher. Truly I didn’t believe I would ever have another. I am the most lucky person, I always said my youngest son always lands on his feet. I never realized he got that from me. I’ve never seen you slip or stumble but I hope I can give this to my friends as a way of showing who you are for business and spiritual opportunities. You only need give me a word to stop me from doing so.
        Thank you Tony Always.
        I am
        Ana= Ar<3 Heart

        June 10, 2011 at 11:03 PM

        • Tony Gray'Owl

          we live within a world of free will. it is not for me to say do this or do that. i simply offer here freely what is my truth. i place all i believe in, here into the eyes of public scrutiny viewable by all. i will continue my work here creating these web pages for teach/learning experiences. thank you Ana=ar3< Heart, what you do and where you go from this moment is strictly up to you. free will, all my love always, your friend/teacher, Tony

          June 11, 2011 at 10:38 PM

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