14 /* Essentials ~ the Art of Earth Medicine

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A few words…

From an old wise man

Written down so that these things may not be forgotten

From my Heart to your Heart

To your health I will teach many things

I will teach you how with understanding to create your dreams

and wishes for a joy filled life free from pain

I will show you the cures for many ailments

of the frailty of  the human body.

Together we can over come the first of many obstacles,

that cause you to stumble along the pathway of your life

I will show you the way so… so… simple

Come take my hand and we shall begin.

Angels blow your horns!

We are going to make the blues go away.


Is to know Mother Earth Intimately

To have discovered her hidden pathways of Knowledge

the Ultimate Wisdom She holds within

These secrets seldom found  ~ seen but yet not understood

She shows her colors in the Light

Beauty seen and laughter bright

Yet ! the true Beauty

is held within ~ the very essence of her life

Like liquid Solace hidden from your sight

The Only thing science has aptly named


The living liquid gold ~ the blood of our Mother Earth

Sweet moment stay with me

I pray do not flee so soon

Let me enjoy the bliss of that

first kiss beneath the moon

I wish to cradle this feeling

that has only just been found

A feeling that has unexpectedly turned my world around

Do not depart

Oh please remain within my heart awhile

So that I can savor you once more

and hold you in my smile as my heart aches

slip silently into history

Purest of Miracles ~ Cures untold

Oh so many she unfolds

With her flowers she begins to teach

the Art of Aroma therapy

Invisible essence wafts to and fro

within your mind they do go

to calm ~ to Sooth and too delight

they can make a humans soul take flight

Softest of Silken Serenity Senses Overwhelmed

Still the True Beauty lies within unseeable with naked eyes

unknown treasures you will soon behold

From some of the very tiniest of these things that I write

Comes some of the very Largest of Miracles

ever to be known by Mankind

When you have lived your life

Not as a trained Doctor nor Scientist so blind

But as a Medicine Man ~ a man of the Earth

With Humblest of thirst these things are sought out

to quench the pain and agony for everyone

these things a medicine man so easily understands !

I Blaze a trail that is to be followed

Walk the path, travel through the hollow, one will find

the nectar of the gods

For in each crevice of flowers divine,

one will find that which calls from each of natures vines,

the essence and essentials shooting forth

from earths green and golden rods

Healing from frailties and life’s pain,

knowledge shared /*universal gain.

Mitakuye oyasin

(we are all related to everything that exists)

In Lak’ech Ala K’in


For a tooth ache, instantly cured

This is the Mixture of life without pain.

Only purest of naturals the very essence of life

I will reveal to you these complex formula’s

consisting of only pure essential oils

and a secondary highly secret the absolute purest

of preservative and catalyst

Essential oils the essences of our lives

Once properly mixed and shaken well to activate

apply two drops of this nectar of my love, to a cotton swab

merely touch the tooth and the pain has vanished!

A gift of my love to… You.


One day, soon…

I Hope, I Pray

there will be available to everyone

tooth paste and mouth wash created

with this formula and never again will

anyone suffer from the pain of tooth ache ever again.

Hallelujah… Amen…

praise toGod

I am so grateful for your words and spiritual guidance ,

Thank you Great Grand Father.

Most joyous is this day, I have seen tomorrow and it is today,

A miracle you have worked in my mind and with my hands

you have wielded the power of creation,

a little less pain one step at a time

I open my mouth

and quote you right out of your own thoughts Lord.

These are the words, that he is teaching me to say.

I am listening, I hear you. I am here, do with me as you wish.

I will guide you as you grow in the gravity of his Love.

The principles of his love are so easy to understand.

So easy to follow.

Knowledge, unlimited… simply by the asking

the correct questions

Understood without a word.

Who are you? You may ask.

I am no one of any particular importance.

I am merely your guide to these words.

They will speak the Great Grand Fathers truth’s

to you of their own accord.

I am simply offering you a life within and without

the suffering of pain.

The essence of our mother.


and her immunities to imbalance.

To re – balance ~ You.

For infection;

I will use an abscessed tooth as my example of the pain

that is caused by an infectious invasion

of your chemical make up, the chain of events set in motion.

Once they are available on the worlds market you will never

have one of these, infected teeth,

or the horrible pain caused by it.

So if you have an abscess.

The same liquid gold, the nectar of my love.

Simply apply three or four drops onto a cotton swab and

apply it to the affected tooth, the teeth on either side

and the surrounding gums.

As often as you wish on the first day,

to get the pain under control.

Apply three times or more each day,

as needed to eliminate the pain for around seventy two hours.

The abscess will be totally eradicated,

gone never to return and haunt you.

A sign from heaven.

A taking in of sorts,

turning many into one, breath of life.

The essence of life my gift to you.

The only thing you have accepted as essential,
my oils…

these things that you are made of.

Pure, natural, powerful beyond your belief

of current knowledge.

I will lay bare their mysteries

You are my wittiness.

Here are my words.

There is known by myself a formula;

of pure liquid essence of mother earth’s bounties,

one that will “kill” the herpes simplex virus,

yes I said kill it the virus on contact,

even in its hidden latent stage

it cannot hide from the power of the essential oils,

it cannot mutate away from the thousands of constituents

contained in these oils.

This viral infection Herpes along with many others

is thought by science to be incurable,

it is not immune

to the formula of essentials

( or any virus for that matter )

this liquid gold so to say in human values,

to me it is my Angels tears,

a miracle in a bottle contains the ultimate power

to heal you of the terrible affects of viral internal invasion

and subsequent infection

(which prevents the effects )

and the pain or discomfort will fade from your memory

never to return and cause you harm ever again,

your body will then restore itself to its natural balance

all in and of itself, this is my promise to you,

if you where to learn this concept of medicine

and apply it to your life’s daily routine,

you will never suffer the effects

of a cold or flu ever again.

Good bye H1N1 and H1N5

A plague created by the mistaken ignorance

of modern scientists

let loose upon humanity !

My word is etched in stone for you to see

the lasting truth for eternity

I will perform this miracle and give to the world my Love.

Your essentials. Your necessities of life.

Here is the mixture of life again…

understanding the essential oils contained within

all things growing upon the earth,

the use of herbs and their integral parts,

as medicines and supplements as well as seasonings

for your food in proper blends.

The full and proper use of, Natural vitamins, minerals

and the trace elements and what purpose each of them provide.

Knowing “and” understanding the inner workings of the

human body, its needs its necessities to maintain its balance in

proper function and exquisite exuberant health

and longevity of life.

Take into your hands this knowledge I offer

and wield its power, heal thyself.

Physicians watch closely pay strict attention and learn

remember to take notes, become wise and apply these wisdom’s

into your daily practice with compassion, your patients will be healed and fall in love with you.

I am told I must first get A Patent

only then I can share the formula with all the world,

soon very soon this miracle I shall give the peace to so many

that are suffering from this dreaded infection HSV- 1- 2.

mix and shake well at each use. One Single Drop

When you get that ominous feeling

an outbreak is coming on as the virus is exposing itself

in the form of an outbreak simply apply solitaire drop of these

essential oil’s and the infecting agents are killed

nearly instantly, preventing the outbreak from forming.

In the occurrence of an pre-existing outbreak

apply the solution directly to the outbreak and the oils will

control the pain and speed the healing almost to the point of

being able to see it healing with the naked eye.

Once the formula has penetrated the nerves where the virus is

hiding in its latent stage and kills the viral infecting agents

(over a short period of time)

you will be completely cured of HSV.

I have also now developed a new formula that when used as

directed will prevent the transfer of the infection from an

infected partner to their uninfected partner,

during sexual intercourse.

Lord and heavenly Father;

thank you in great abundant gratitude for these miracles you

are about to perform around the world for all to see,

for all to

Believe in You and the Power you Wield in Knowledge,

Extraordinary Genius that you are.

I am so very grateful that

you have removed pain from my life, in such a simple way.

You have sent me many places and performed miracles with my

hands in this my life time, and I know without doubt

you will bless me and work millions more of them.

Even after I am gone

You will have left my trax’s for all to follow

out into the light of revelation,

I am so in love with you. My eyes are so tired,

my mind is weary from the depth of thought.

I cannot stop

I must go on.

I am going to blaze a new trail.

Will you Follow ?

turn the page ~ insights


10 responses

  1. mike

    wise beyond earthly illnesses do we find healing from natural sources. So play the game and patent your oils…..you have much love and wisdom to offer and gracefully acknowledge this. Now is the time healing remedies are needed. Thank you sir.

    December 19, 2016 at 9:15 PM

    • I can get no patent on my formulas… world wide… if I had a wise investor… we could heal billions of people.

      December 22, 2016 at 10:14 PM

  2. janet myers


    May 15, 2011 at 4:59 PM

  3. Ann Reynolds

    What part did I inspire you? All of my comments need to be erased. I hope you want to wait a long time for me to get all that I need to absorb. I may be on assignment for a very long time. Love & Light

    April 7, 2011 at 10:32 AM

  4. Ann Reynolds

    Why did you do that?

    March 19, 2011 at 8:17 PM

  5. Ann Reynolds

    Do you realize I don’t have any teeth to use any magic on. I suffered more pain, I had my last teeth knocked out without any pain killer. The man had a stroke after that, maybe that was why he put me through hell. I can tell you, it wasn’t pleasant an I didn’t have anyone at home to speak up for me.All my sister said, was how beautiful that doctor thought her teeth were and Bill, he never says anything. I could have been run over by a car, and it wouldn’t have meant anything to either of them. I an estranged from Pat now, I had to set boundaries, I’ve tried to talk to her because my cousin Roy thought it would be nice, but she has always been jealous of me, and I can’t live her life for her. She always had a thing for Bill, I did tell her he would be free before too long. I’m not something that pleas pain, I have had more than my share, in this life. I took what was dealt to me, but wasn’t a complainer. It didn’t get me anywhere.

    March 19, 2011 at 8:15 PM

  6. Ann Reynolds

    It is nice for you to say I inspire you, I can only imagine what you would come up with if your comfort zone was inspired every day. Waking up in the morning having everything you could ever want, at your finger tips. Someone to pray with maybe not all the time, but to share that QT whenever you wanted. Can you imagine starting your day having everything you ever wanted. Not material things but soul satisfaction. A feeling of completeness, wholeness, not having to go out for anything, everything you need is already here. You begin each day from on high, nothing is impossible anymore, you have someone that loves you, respects you, is so proud of all that you do. She knows you try too hard to fit into what the world calls nice and approves of, but you weren’t meant to fit into a mold that pleases people,sometimes you might need to take a bold stand on some issues. Your mission calls for a stronger more dominate person at times, and she supports that man and helps you know you must stand for what God sent you here to do, even at the cost of making some not like you. You are loved and she will help you feel confident in what God wants you to do. A strong self confident Anthony , God’ representative.You don’t need anyone to be complete, you already are, but God knows you could use a cheerleader, so he sent Ana , to complete your life, and possibly make it whole.
    This was fun to think about, you would be one of my greatest challenges in life.
    I haven’t felt truly needed in a long time. It is what I do best.
    I Love You, Anthony

    March 17, 2011 at 7:31 PM

  7. Ann Reynolds

    I can’t leave without leaving a note. I’ve been up 48 hrs. and my eyes are really tired, and they burn, wonder why? A quite gentle place to be.. Glorious music to fit the occasion,,,,,, as I mellow out, a pleasure to behold. Everything you touch has the divine vibration attached to it.
    Have you ever considered a meditation room, I bet it would be perfect. The beauty here is awesome, loving, and serene. This is a “Oneness place to be.
    Surrender to the moment.

    March 13, 2011 at 7:40 PM

    • Tony Gray'Owl

      I surrender to the moment. I also create the moment. Thank you Ann for inspiring me. Tony

      March 13, 2011 at 8:05 PM

  8. Ann Edmunds-Reynolds

    I have been here before, and read this over again, and need to know when will we find out about blazing a trail, I have heard that months ago,,,,, and still don’t know what it means to me. Teach me, and I will listen, I’ve never done that before, but I am being watched over, so I am sure that everywhere go, God is looking out for me. Such faith of someone who has had to be a leader all her life, and now needs to follow another, to learn what I don’t have. I wonder how many are reading this, and why am I so fortunate.

    February 9, 2011 at 8:13 PM

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