05 /* Pisces the Wolf

There is far more I need to write down

and expose to you within this page.

Feb. 19/Mar. 20

the earth influenced through the blustery winds of time.

Brings into view of my sight…

Pisces / the Wolf.

Hello Dear old friend

How have you been? it has been awhile since we last spoke

the Beauty of the WOLF

It is so good to see you again

I see that you hold onto still your


in great determined prominence

Such a Beautiful, Benevolent, Compassionate, Generous, Gentle

soul you are

So very artistic!

in every thing you touch

you cannot cause things to change quickly enough

I can hear the sounds of rain howling out from within your pain

Wishing everyone you could sustain

But alas, here come the winds of change

lets face them and see what they bring for us to discover

hidden in your dimly lit sun filled room

a den of treasures to be uncovered

It must be the way of time to hold onto moments these memories

of yours are mine

I see you have those same old faults showing

don’t worry I am not here to point them out

If I did… we would all “Howl” tonight

My old friend… the Wolf, how sly you are

Changing things from the shadows

as if there were no one in sight

But… tonight dear friend, I take aim to the center of your heart

I am going to let it all out

I know what it is that you shout


Out in the darkness all alone

the alluring sound of your voice

echoes into the night

A fleeting glimpse, a shadow in the dark, unseen always alert!

To change

The way things have always been

the things you have seen only visible from the shadows

So, so very sensitive your heart

I am going to give freedom to you tonight

I know from me you have no fright, as I let my arrow take flight

I am not here to cause you pain

it is from your wisdom we want to ga


So I must let take flight this

my arrow of love

out into your night

to light the way

To light the way from within your vision, things are found

the winds of change… the winds of change they are upon us

I must set free this change…

that my Love… Brings

You have just read a single page of history

two old friends saying hello to each other

In a way that two old friends, only can

I heard you

even though I am typing this down I am still…



how would I know what to write down

I know I said, I only have this one arrow of love

yes I let flight of it many times

You said how can you let it go that many times

there is only one of them


I told you this is my!

arrow of love,

what did I tell you about love?

If you let it go freely

Expecting it to grow

exactly what you sow


It will always come “back” to you

Don’t you remember what I said?

Yes this is my arrow of love I use it freely

it always comes back to me!

I only have this one

my love



the one



I love each and every person, who is reading this right now

Just being this far into the word, of a stranger

fills my eyes with tears of joy

You are here

You found yourself at last

So should it be?

should it be so strange, that I would change!

Anything, at all ?

I can only hope the joy I am laying down here is heard

And here you are!


I’m Tony

who? Are you?


I think you pretty much know who I am

By now

So Pisces, let me take a look and see where are we at

Is there a story here to be told?


isn’t there though’

Interesting, very interesting

Lets take a closer look.

I am takinjg aim, steady, do you have your target in sight?

What is this weapon, that you are wielding?

What is it that you’re about to let flight?

What, is your intention?


What is the “answer” to these questions?

I left a space for you to write down your answer

Theres only one

It answers them all








what was that equation?

The mathematical one, relativity, reduced to infinity

I = U .

basic fact

I Love You.

The answer…

what does Pisces have to say?

Yes my Sagg. Your arrow of love

the only one you have, always comes back to you

I hear the flutes of the wolfs song howled out at night

this music that I hear!

Echoes from within the night

From where most have no sight

In the pitch blackness the dead of night

their eyes of truth upon you

From the shadows of the dark

Did you hear what they were singing? The Wolf

Angelic in melody!


Total Abandon!


Just, being lived.

The adventure of it.

What a journey . . .


In proportion

understanding, intuition, in such a creative way

An artist extraordinarily, over, understood!

Do you know what I mean?

This is my intent.

I am going to introduce you all! To each other

From there you will find the balance.

Of peace.

You will find the joy of


You will find.


and I am looking at you!

Straight In the eyes

Did you hear the song of the wolf?

It is a song of love, they sing

For this is where they live t

hey love, life

they cherish it Every moment

A strong lesson to be learned

Do you need to read it


Gems from out of the darkest of nights, gifts of wisdom

seldom ever found, much less seen

What more do you want from me?

Was that you talkin or me?


teaching me

and I am




Is a guide of sacred things Things seldom found

I am not just one of your average guides

God guided me

to You

I can guide you back!

I know the way!

Come on what do you say?

I say my love, my sweet, sweet love, come back to me

I let fly, my arrow the weapon, that I wield

My love

With it, I set free

My love



I love, me. What do you think?

Do I deserve it?

To be loved?

The, way! I Love?

You ?

My God I love

I shot my arrow at him,,,, and he sent it back to me!

I told you it always Comes back

Love never fails

not, My Love

Who can say if your love grows?

who can say where your road goes?

Only time

Can tell this story of mine

The web I weave

Follow the trail is what you need

In the eyes of the experienced, in the gravity of love

My friend

It “is” the gravity of love

that love holds tight with out the gravity of love, has no grip

Do you feel it, the flowing?

Its just knowing

My love, for you

Pisces you old cur, you are such the romantic

Aren’t you?

I love you too

We have much to say

I am so happy to be here right now my friends

I am so happy!

We are going to take aim at the blackest of nights. Things are going to change around here. I am taking aim at your heart old friend you cannot hide. Not even in the shadows of the night, Can you escape my sights. Once set they are only on you

Let the blustery winds blow… my shaft straight it will go

Swift, beyond speed

It exceeds the light

It, glows

Radiance into the night

I am its master

You cannot escape my sight

This weapon, that I chose

Hallelujah, Amen

there is only one

It is me

I am the


I am the arrow of love

I will always come back ~ to you !

Its all so heavy man, its all so heavy

It is all that I can do…

I live my life on the verge of tears for you

Pisces, pisces, pisces, the element

of water with its deep strong emotions…

its flowing qualities, coping with the empathy for others

The Wolf teaches abundantly

How to love

In great sensitivity far more than most

they are like still calm waters and yet

They are rippling with, with the emotional energy

needed to understand

They understand the winds of change well

Knowing when the old is about to fall away

Knowing that there is a new birth coming

spring is in the air

A fresh start for everything!

for Everyone

Baby I am a man, in the middle of something

few will ever . . . perhaps never understand

These words appear here

from some deep inner knowing place

from where my love flows

I simply let it flow

so here goes

my love, Yes! It grows

With a near psychic, ability the Wolf knows… many things

are on the move

In a mystical, philosophical, strongly intuitive way, they keep themselves grounded in the reality of things. Pisces, the Wolf, warm, benevolent, compassionate, sympathetic, understanding, in the times of stress when difficulties arise, they stand ready to understand the situation that presents it self to them/us

But you must guard against becoming over whelmed by the emotional state of mind that others are seeking your help with. Your discrimination must be in the front of your mind, follow your feelings as opposed to your logic. You must recognize the need, no. the necessity to be alone, to purge your selves of the negative energies you have latched onto, in helping others in their miss-understandings, seek first your own freedom, then you may set free, all others. Do not become confused, or frustrated by the demands of others

look to your own inner knowing

your deep love, let it flow

Simply let it go

it will (I) will always come back to you

You are my love

I love you

My love grows

My love shows

The way

To everything unknown

You live with a fearless, deep respect for life. You fear nothing, yet you must be very cautious in all that you do, especially for others. For you may become trapped, or entangled some how by the disillusionment of those you are attempting to help. It is far to easy for you to become confused by their intentions, for your love of life blinds you at times to the harshness, to the reality of life and the tragic events that often take place in our lives daily. Do not allow it all to cause you to Howl at the moon in anger, do not become soured by it all my sweet friend. I am here, I will let my love flow and it will heal the wounds of life you so often suffer. Remember, you do not always get what you want, often you only get to have the experience of wanting it. Use caution choosing what you want, for you may become ensnared in the wanting, as apposed to the “helping” or “giving” which is your nature. You cannot help, but to help, you are driven by an internal fire that causes you to rise up at any moment of need, to be their with your kind understanding and direction. You must! Allow, let go, freely, do not become involved in the struggle

simply be the way by example

lead them to the safety of your love

our love

It grows

Just let it flow

Here I have pierced your heart to the core!

With my arrow, you have no choice

your love now flows

It is all coming back to…


my love

always comes back to me

Close your eyes, feel the power of it,

let it flow

My heart aches, it bleeds for you

I weep the tears of joy that knowing you brings, my old friend

Few understand the depth of your love

now set free, they will know

For I am showing them the way

How to be…


I set you free from the cage you trapped yourselves in

Go! Free into the world…

Teach them your deep respect of all life, show them your love

It is the gentlest, of soft word that I embrace to you love, by my tender kisses you will remember me.

My passion my desire for you

To be free!

My Love Sets You Free!

Yes you will hear the words of many mingled here within my word, for I know them all very well, they are my friends,

my teachers, they are my lover’s, my Brothers and Sisters

of life

For I know the language of life very, very well

this is how I came to be able to say it in such simple terms

these web of words I weave

the voice of a child crying out from within the world of mankind

like the wolf atop a tall mountain

howling out echoes into the night

to those lost

in the darkness of it all

stumbling over the obstacles of the mind

Trying to find your own way free

from the tangled webs woven before us

by others who have never seen the light of love

who never came to understand the way out

Of the darkness they found themselves tangled

in the snares set out in blindness, trapped

still trying to be free

Never knowing, that


is the only way


of the blindness of realities sight

these things you see with your eyes

instead of your heart

are the mortal traps you must avoid at all costs

come let me be your guide

I will show you the way, God guided me to you

I know the way  As i just came from there

I can guide you back to him

I am taking aim, you are in my sights

once I let flight, there is no escaping

the light of my Love

You shall be pierced and set free !

Your heart it will pierce and your love, will flow

There is no getting away from my love

for it always comes back


The deep water of your emotions now flowing

liquid quick silver in the night

a moon lit shaft sneaking just over the horizons of your sight

My arrow I let flight

to pierce the darkness of this night

to place my love within your sight

With my light, my love, I set you free!

Close your eyes, Feel!

the power, your Love, take it in your hands and wield it…

set it free, this weapon that I chose, my arrow of love

yes it always comes back to me


Once pierced by it

you then may wield it, you can send it out to pierce the heart

of everyone if that is the way you see it to be done

before it comes back to me

As I said my love is free there are no limits

to what can be done with it

Just set it free, you will see, that my love it grows

Who knows?

Why your heart howls to be free

why your heart cries when you set free

your love upon me

My love always comes back to me

You are my love, this is why I do these things for you

I believe in love, is why I set it free


very soon you to will see

That my love

Is your love

Set free

This is but many chapters of this story told upon

the sea of tranquility

let us set sail, would you like to come along on this journey pisces, to lend your love and light along the way.


My love, our love grows.

I took aim and broke the bonds the entanglements, the restricting limitations of your past. Come with me I shall show you the inner desires, the very essence of the cosmic consciousness, which is total freedom.

The freedom, that comes when you let your love go freely into the night,

spilling the light out into the darkness of life.

You are now the way.

This is the path we are on, stepping out into the elusive world of boundaries with visions of possibilities arising from just beyond the horizons of your sight.

Look up from the darkness from where you are found

see my arrow let flight.

Burning across the midnight sky

like a blazing shooting star, I wish I may, I wish I might…

set you completely free tonight

This is my prime purpose, this path, this trail, “we” are blazing.

Come I am about to set sail, another step along the path

what lies just around…

the, corner?


Perhaps, I have not forgotten about the promised lands

I am trying to break free the clamor of truth

here within my voice


I hear the East winds rustling

The winds of change are upon thee

Quickly we set sail, the Goose, the Otter, the Wolf and I

Anxious to feel the winds in our faces

Where will it take us from here?

Iwonder, what, no, “who” shall we see… next?

For I can see forever!

Into the night, with the sight, provided by my light, my love

The East/ north-east winds caught our sails and we were off.

Out into the night we went, our dreams as our guide.


one of the greatest of inspirations,

I “see” the Lord, sailing from coast to coast

In order touch the soul, of everyone within his sight

I see and I understand. He is right

Don’t you?

And the wolf whispered into my ear… Love

in eternity, the true value

is not in its potential

it has been fashioned by love…

and can only find total fulfillment in love

And that is why I love you, so much!

Look. Look! my Love…

it just came back to me!

It has returned to me, but it has, “grown” 

Look at the beauty of it!

It is shining so brightly to put out my eyes

Never have I seen such a thing, a miracle,

given to me right into my hands.

To wield such, Power!

In the palms of your hands.

At your finger, tips… to have the ability to focus a persons thoughts with the mere stroke of a key.

This the power given to me and used well.

My Love.

Don’t you see?

I can’t make you love me if you don’t.

I won’t, make you love me.

Take the power to set yourself free.

I believe in love alone

I believe in the “one” I love.

I believe in you.

In believe in the power of creation.

I am. Creation.

I was born, to wonder.

I was born to wonder,

turn around and I will be gone.


I was born to be cold.

Ohh, baby , when I look into your eyes a refection of me,

I see

I try hard to hide the emptiness I feel inside!


I am gonna hide,

your love is fading away from me I can feel it in my bones

I can feel you, I am losing you.

You are slipping away from me.

I reach into the depths,

from the very precipice of heights on high.

I reach out to you.

Don’t, I won’t let you.

Slip away.

There is no escape.

From my love.

Struck a cord have I?

You said it



What is it you want to see?

My mind is going through some changes…


Yes , I am changing,. Everything.

We must have died alone.

Never my love!

For my love will always come back to you.

Alone you can never be.

I read the news, today. Oh boy!

But I just had to learn.

He blew your wind out.

A crowd of people stood and stared…

what I saw today.

A crowd of people having turned away,

I woke up! And noticed I was late…

I read news today oh boy.

They have to try to count them all.




Ohhhh, baby. I am burning down your house.

I kind of resemble what you say.

At this moment in time.



< notes >

Is, all there is…

time will tell you of a life with out cost, to you.

When you change with every day.

Dying all the time in a life so unkind.

Good bye


Soon I’m going to miss you , as you change everyday.

Still I am going to miss, “you”.

The suicidal tendencies of life.

You have to get past the shadows, of doubt, you are not alone.

Its hard not being, hard on me. Seeing the things I see!

Don’t you see?

A love struck person.

You’ve never seen the sight?

What you gonna do about it, you should have known it from the start.

When your heart, my arrow starts.

To flow…………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

from there to………………………………………………………………….. here.

Your love will go.

Is what I mean.

Two shadows merging incessantly throughout the night.

I just love you.

The more I live is the more I know that I love you.

I do.

The simplest truth is, the simplest truth is that

I… Love, you.

I won’t be idle with despair.

I am never broken.

Poverty stole my… my hands, but they are not yours,

not your hands!

But my hand,s with which I pray.

Are my hands, in Gods eyes.

My hands are small but they are my hands.

I pray.

With these, hands.

What just got stolen?

Your heart?

Are you sure?

I have been down for so long the end, it must be nearer.

It must be.. hear! What? I can feel it…

My love… is near!

My arrow is coming home.

It just needs to be maintained. With your love, my love, I give you. My love.

I get lost in it , the grandeur of it all.

Your love for me. that I have for you.


the equation I = U .

is as sim… ply put as it gets,

I love you… Period.

I will let you think about that for awhile.

My love. I,

sometimes wonder, why you hang onto those old memories,

so painfully misunderstood.

I remember the moments shared like in the sun shine of my love.

Warm an image on fire, I love the flames of your desire.

I love to fan the flames, and watch them grow.

Holding infinity in the palm of my hand,

understanding eternity as only I can.

I watch my Love grow.

With each step we take.

Another precious gem,

of wisdom,


Let your heart cry, the songs of love I sing.

Ohhhh, the joy it simply brings.

When your heart sings

the Accolades of my love, that is freely given you.

I, am taking aim,

I must let fight this my arrow tonight,

there are more hearts to pierce and make bleed,

the absolute purest essence of their love,

I have at last set free.

The winds of change they are upon us. Come let us see,

what we see tonight.

What is to be exposed within my light,

as I take aim and let flight, my love.

Hallelujah, hallelujah, brothers shine on.

My heart, yes, even my heart bleeds, for us to be one. To be as one, forever.

My, my, my, if I can just get this one thing done!

It seems eternities have come and gone

since I begun.

The things I’ve seen, the things I’ve done,

the things I have set into motion. With one simple notion, look what it’s become.

It grows. These seeds we have planted, my love, look, look at how it Grows.

Paradise! Found.

Right here on earth, imagine that! The things that happen when you pour out your love. The nectar of my Gods Love, I have found in my love.

The tender ripe sweetness of it, like honey it flows.

Hmmm… pay attention, the boat it slows,

who is this coming into my sights?

Ahhh… it is another of my old friends,

the Falcon, swift and strong, carried along on,

the winds of change.

turn the page  /*  chapter 6.


6 responses

  1. Love… is ever present… thankyou for being you…. consistantly …

    January 26, 2015 at 6:48 AM


    WOW that was like you were chaneling directly to me like the granfatherss did through a medicin lady named alina many moons ago when i was given my indian name THUNDER SPIRIT and then married to pisces by cree medican man love always for ever

    December 20, 2011 at 6:50 AM


    wow thank you it is as if you were speeking directly to me channeling from the spirits that guided me through medacine woman many moons ago when i was given my indian name THUNDER SPIRIT i my self am canser but am maried to pisces by cree medicine man just wana thank you with all my love

    December 20, 2011 at 6:41 AM

  4. Min

    As a piscean I have to say beautiful and very true .

    April 20, 2011 at 7:51 PM

  5. Jeanne Jones-Santana

    You are such a beautiful being! What do you feel about gemini?

    January 7, 2011 at 4:28 AM

    • Tony Gray'Owl

      Hell Jeanne, thank you for the beautiful regards, I sent you the link to Gemini in your e~mail, In Lak’ech Ala K’in, Tony

      January 17, 2011 at 11:18 PM

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