07 /* Taurus the Beaver

Just as earlier stated I have so much more to write down here and share with you/yourself

April20/ May20

Taurus the sun sign

the Beaver of the Earth sign

is about to be seen in the light of our Love

the East winds of influence blowing whispers into my mind

thoughts of moon shine loves gonna grow I know

for the free winds are blowing in your head

the free winds of time are gonna show

a highway into the sunshine of my love

which is much stronger than the moon shine

Seasons crying in the air

Please do not despair


about to appear right out of nowhere

Within my sight on this dark night

my love flows

Wait a minute, wait a minute

Did I get that right? Your sure?

I thank you for my Sight!

I thank you for my Life.

I thank you for…

Your Love, that you gave to me, so individually, total freedom

To Just Be Me! I love you, thank You, thank you…

You have answered my prayer right here in front of my eyes

your answer to me , my prayer!

Written in your own word

This your gift to me, the power I have been given,

my one single, arrow.

My love… I have been given.

My love shows.

I love you! There can be no Doubt!

My love always comes back to me

I told you there is nothing stronger than my Love

where ever I go it goes before me

Exposing in the light of love your heart

To me, us. We are in this together


Are you with me?

Hey! Look who it is!

Hello Taurus! You old bully, my dear old friend, what is going on?

Like the Beaver is there a damn, things backing everything up.

Well thats what Beavers do

Oh What did you forget that?

Oops… yes in their eyes every thing!

Is going by far to quickly

the have a need to slow things down to see whats going on

with your love

This is where Everything! Starts

This is the new beginning

The promise made, He told me if I did this

he would not leave me hang out to dry

So I turned my love around

Picked it up right off the ground

Right where he planted it

The center of my


got turned


I saw him with my own two eyes, I know what I saw, regardless!

He pick me up and stood me on my own two feet

dusted me off and said…

there, now that wasn’t so bad Now was it?

All… you had to do was ask

You knew I’d be there, don’t you?

I mean, really by now

Who’d of thought “you” listening to me

Talkin to you

The rantings of an eccentric lunatic

who is totally insane


Gods talkin to me

He’s my best friend!

You don’t hear him?


Are you sure?

He’s coming in loud and clear, here

This is who I am is

These are my words

They ring so true

For they are the words of truth that I would open your eyes with

If you would but allow me, too

You see, I pray

For you

Not me

I am blessed

Beyond the furthest reaches of my mind

I can’t even grasp it!

The depth and wisdom of it all, I am after all only human.

I am merely a man

You, are my God

My love come home to me

Here on my door step?

My love?

Here for me?

I must have been in someones sights

One of those many Dark nights so many years ago

Yes I remember

The Light

When it struck me

My arrow! struck the center of my heart

Imagine how I felt, to be let bleed, love

It is what came out of me

My love

His love

Your love

We’re free!

In His eyes

I am the object of his affection

He smiles down on me

He lights the way

For me to be me Safe

With-out fear




My love…


My love grows. You cannot deny it. You cannot avoid it.

From It you cannot get Away!

There are no shadows of the night that I cannot conquer

I am brighter than the Light

My arrow, swift beyond speed, it simply “glows”

My love, I am about to set free into this a very dark night

lets see who appears in my { sights }

What will be illuminated?

In this light?

I wonder?

As we sail into shore

I feel a great anticipation of things to come

We depart into the darkness

My arrow had not yet found it’s mark


Are you old friend, but you cannot get away, from my love

You will be found

Your, wisdom I know sound

We shall soon hear

Share with us the diamonds you posses, these gems of wisdom

Nuggets of near gold

From where so old?

You know that I know you my friend

so I am going to speak to you frankly…

in total honest wisdom you will tell us these things

The experiences of your life

Lain bare

For all to see!

Right in front of your! Eyes


What am I gonna do, what am I gonna do with you?

Your so stubborn

still you refuse to see!

What I see

You. As an open book I see your heart open beating

Hallelujah. Hallelujah… hallelujah

brothers shine on

Even my heart, yes my heart and your heart beat as one

We are

Don’t you see?


What was that equation?

The mathematical genius Of it Bare basic fact

I = U .

you are me!

I feel you

I do!

My heart, my heart bleeds for you. My love. It bleeds for you

I bleed that you may yet… live.

my heart shines on. Hallelujah. Shine on

I heard an angel sing!

Shine on. Shine on, shine on



Did you hear what I said?

So who is this the bully or the nearly blind beaver?

Seeing things from within

Manifested on the outside



With your eyes

You see your royalty, the visions of your dreams

Are Here, right in front of your Eyes!

These words, that I choose

upon a grain of sand I can cast your life if so it amuses me

To do so

Don’t you see?

How easy it is just to be you?

Imagine that

Me! being! You!


Wait a minute, wait a minute, how is this all to be found?

This wisdom, you speak

What, do you know you mean, me… you know me Taurus?

Who I am?

The bull all full of myself

Or the Beaver who is so grounded, in life

Who bares the root of life?

The Beaver

Lets become for a time

Lets see what they see, in their eyes

From where they stand today… what was it? They had to say?

Never Could I hear myself saying…

that I would deprive you the sunshine,

I know the love, the life with in you,

never it goes to show that you may never know

my Love

My love is so sweet to me

I just wish you’d see

From the eyes of the beaver, lets take a look at life.

What will you see?

Probably me.

When my heart shows, it’s only time

Until you see

My love entering your sight

the blazing star it is becoming, first star I see tonight?

What? I wish, what?

Who knows, only time

Ahhh … listen to this, a thought I had, a while ago

Or two You know what I mean

stop! Look! Listen!

Hello; is there anybody home?

I guess I must leave a message at the tone

A message of my love for you

Left at the tone

Of my voice


am, just me

Sorry so slow, sorry so slow, it may have been painful

if I just let it go.

Who would have thought it would be me ?

I don’t have to wish

I was there to see it through it all became the truth

the fact of the matter

I just hope you are… happy! I just want you to be happy

My conscious is clear, I just hope your half way there! To here

My love, sees the way

To go

Who knows when your heart cries? Out from what?

Do you Cry?

I’m totally lost in my train of thought

What was I about to say?

Do you remember?


I’m awake

Aren’t you?

The sign of the heavens the moon and sun the earth itself, taking in of source turn many into one breath of life, breath of compassion, breath of passion, my breath, I give to you

Your life To be


In Love, what else could there be?

I am in love with you

Why? Don’t you see





are what we are, me being me

You being you


Free? Yes!

Free to Be, what ever you choose to become

by the moments of life we put on the visual clothes in the reality of our thoughts, we become what we think we are

At the moment

Ask yourselves, am I that which I thought is me?

Is this who I truly am?

Am I the highest thoughts of myself? Am I truly me?

What do others see? Or think of me? Do they see… Me? Or do they see what they want me to be? An extension of themselves, their own thoughts expressed outworldly upon me, as they attempt to be, the thoughts of themselves, to be seen by you. Do you see? It is a vicious circle a tangled web that has been woven into your mind by society.

Put aside all your worries and fears, live right now in this moment simply be who you are. Accept, all things, just as they are, bless them, give the power the glory the praise to the Great Grand Father, God, place into his hands all things and simply allow.

In great abundant gratitude, thank him for what you are about to receive even before you have received it. Give thanks. Live. Love, let Flow. Your love and see, what happens in your life. From here all things are possible.

Place them in his hands, the creator, can create as no other, all things are his to be had or given. When you give over to him, the only thing, in the whole entire world that you have, the only possession which is yourselves, your life. Turn your life over to him, allow him to be your guide, then you will know the way to his heart, to touch the heart of God!

To give back to him what he gave to you. His Love. Openly, freely he loves you.

Give openly and freely yourselves and he in turn manifests your dreams come true, right in front of your unbelieving eyes. Believe. In him the way he believes in you.


Yourselves into his hands, this is his dream.

That you have come home to him, his love, it came back to him, as my arrow does to me.

My love, never fails, it always comes back to me and it grows.

The Beaver, with the strength of a bull, Taurus, builds and controls the flow of life.

With their dams they cause every thing to slow down, to back up, to grow, they create the space for so many others to see life in a different way. The small stream becomes a River, the River creates a Lake, an ocean of life forms and interacts in this there vision, clans of life gather here, to absorb the life giving waters of knowledge.

I Sagittarius am of the Hawk clan the Grizzly Bear is my totem .

Capricorn the Goose is of the Turtle clan, the Buffalo totem.

Aquarius the Otter is of the Butterfly clan, the Buffalo totem.

Pisces the Wolf is of the Frog clan, the Buffalo totem.

Taurus the Beaver is of the Turtle clan, the Eagle totem.

Do you see? How we are all tied together in this life?

Have you not walked the shore lines and seen every one of these people partaking of life.

The slow flowing out pouring of the wisdom here. With in the eyes of the Beaver, like with the eyes of their totem the great Eagle flies higher than all others and has great unobstructed vision of many things. The stream becomes a river and life flourishes, the fish, turtles, the wolf, birds of all walks of life, the great Grizzly comes here to drink and yes even feed himself of the abundance created by the slow moving methodical efforts of the Beaver. With the strength of a bull, stops up the ever moving faster pace of life for others to see, and enjoy the abundance created, by one for all.

There is how ever more to this story of the Beaver, there are many lessons that they need to learn as well. Come, my friends let us all share our wisdom with them as well.

I am going to lay bare their hearts now in the truth of my light we shall open their eyes,

for them to see themselves in the mirror of life.

We are not going to point out their faults, as those are already seen by all.

We shall illuminate their obstacles so that they may not stumble upon them any longer.

It is a difficult task, to be caught in the transition from one level of being into a higher understanding of it all. Your self. The Beaver is highly likely to become snared in the traps of a romantic, sexual, sensual feeling of the materialistic things of life. Yet their intent is based in a lifetime of experiences, in which they mostly are attempting to initiate something of importance to everyone. Still their interest lies much deeper in this fact, that in truth they are seeking the longer lasting satisfaction of knowing that when allowed the spirit guides the mind to these higher understandings of reality. From within first comes the truth of that which is on the out side seen visible with the naked eyes of man. Their hearts how ever are but a fleeting glimpse in most others eyes, never to be seen by the light of love. It is their deep roots of materialistic accomplishments that prevent them from seeing the further reaching spiritual insights, they surely seek. You must learn the basic facts of balance. Reality and spirituality, equal in the mind and heart, the strong Yin, must allow the Yang to accomplish as well. To easily do you give up the spiritual ecstasy, to remain fixed in the inflexibleness or stubbornness of the material stabilities of your achievements in reality, the security of what you have built, your home a safety net to hide away in, from the piercing eyes of others. You may find yourselves hardened in the thinking, that you are safe, hardness of the spirit brings about a lack of sympathy, for others an inconsideration without compassion leads to misunderstanding. You must let go! Do not become so engrossed in the world of physical sensations, swim into the spiritual awakening, allow, accept, flow, brings growth of the spirit to the conscience mind. The Awakening has begun, gems of knowledge budding forth, now comes the Growing time of opening where the blossom unfolds and the essence comes forth, that which was first inside is now the outside. Smell the very essence of it, life. The new beginning, a fresh new start to something old. Reborn again in the circle of life.

When you can see beyond the outward appearances of the physical world, deeper much deeper the probing of the mysteries of life when you find yourselves deep in the concern far beyond the trappings of the mind or the heart, the spiritual connection of all then you have begun. You are awake and remember who you are now. Seek that of heaven not of the mere matters of mortal man. The body withers yet the spirit lives on.

Love. My love, your love has seen the light of day. It has pierced the darkness of this lonely heart and now it bleeds for me, my love is coming home to me.

My love always comes back to me.

Look! How much its grown! Brilliant is its light now.

A sound in the distance, a soft rumbling, the spring rains are coming to wash the physical reality clean. Tears of manna falling straight out of the sky to feed and refreshen our spirits.

The East/ south east winds about to blow, come lets set sail again.

Would you like to come along with us Beaver? To share in this glorious journey the adventures of lifetimes about to unfold. Gems of wisdom just waiting to be found, their essence fills the air. Come lend us your wisdoms and yet so much for us to learn as well as teach. We pushed off into another night out onto the sea of my tranquility to see where we go. Into a storm tonight we fly. Crackling all around the electrical static of change, the breath of life again on the move.

The Beaver looked up at me and said, I am honored to have become one with this party,

seldom have I ever left the security of my home. I have always been so curious of everyone else, who they are and what they think, the wisdoms they have found just lying all around, waiting to be found. Now together here all of us are as one, each with their wisdoms and the keen interest of learning all there is to know from each other, sharing freely the gift of life, your gift my love has become one with my love. Together lets bring the light of love complete in the circle of life we shall come to know each other well. Who lies just over the horizon?

Another old friend, we will be there soon, I shall let fly my love to show the way.

No! lets pour out “our” love. So that it proceeds us into the night and we shall arrive as by the light of day, even in this storm, all is calm within my heart, soon I shall take aim and let fly my love into the night, to light the way another heart.

The cause, to pierce and bleed my love back to me.

Who knows why your heart cries when you let your love go.

Do you hear my heart crying out to you?

I must! Let it go, my love I give to thee.

I take aim and let it go.

My heart aches…

my tears flow, my love I let you go. Freely into the night. Take flight!

The boat again the winds slow. I know exactly who this is. Here lies the answers to my difficulties, one half of our journey, the centering of balance just about to be seen in all its glory. Beginning here, we will take a look into the other half of ourselves, the spiritual mirrors of our souls. The positive and the negative of each soon to be balanced in the full wisdom of the polarity of self. Here is where I find the enlightenment of my wisdoms yet found, it is here we are bound. This is my dearest oldest friend.

Who has shown me many things in the way of the nature of life.

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2 responses

  1. janet myers

    in forty minuetes its this Beaver’s birthday!
    and I have been given such a gift!
    Thankyou for your arrows….
    they are coming back to you!

    May 15, 2011 at 3:21 PM

    • Tony Gray'Owl

      you have seen now the wisdom of life that is written upon my heart. i really do not think a human being has ever known all the way i know one. i have so much to do, we have only come 25 % into this chapter of life. one day i shall explain it all so clearly, if i can live that long. thank you Janet and you are most humbly welcome. now you know i see everything so clearly, as i give my love away.

      May 15, 2011 at 6:56 PM

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