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January / 17 / 2011

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I had the most incredible Dream this morning a living Vision.

I was walking along the most wondrous path I have ever seen.

Far in the distance up ahead was a softly glowing light.

As I approached the end of this trail I came to a doorway like a cosmic portal, all I could see was this brilliant light as I looked through the doorway once at its threshold I saw the most inspiring sight of my life.

It looked something like this ~ the air was so pristine you could see the stars in the day light and everything was the picture of perfection ~ living vibrant beautiful colors and so alive.

As I stepped through this doorway ~ Gateway ~ Portal which ever way you choose to see it.

I was lifted up by an unseen force and carried into the most incredibly wonderful brilliant yet so softly glowing light.

I was suddenly made aware that I was at the very Heart of the Light this place where the Light literally comes from ~ where it is born.

A firm strong yet so softly gentle voice began to speak to me

the amount of Knowledge and Wisdom I was gifted to remember

Well to say the least is vast

I will write it all down for you here in the Living  BOOK of LIFE

I will have to write and publish it in seven separate chapters

over the next seven days I will publish each chapter daily so that you may see and come to understand the importance of this Vision

Mitakuye oyasin ( we are all related to everything that exists )

It is of the highest of Honors I have ever had to share this with you.



What is the one true Path?

The One True Path is Found only through


combined with

A Limitless Desire for Knowledge

An Unquenchable Thirst for WISDOM

All Beings are Learning the hard way

and the soft way but learn we all must

My Life’s Mission Statement

in Light and Love to Integrate our Enemy

The mission of Life is to have compassion

to be one with yourself and all things

One of my many Totems of knowledge

Follow the Call of your Heart

it is what is Guiding you now

Be Yourself and the Path Becomes Yours

Follow your Instincts

Go Forth Bravely onto your Path

for the Path ~ is ~ your


Only YOU ~ can MAKE it HAPPEN

If you remain Firmly Stead fast on your Path

you will remain there and you shall Achieve

Your goal ~ which is to grow

You have to Unchain the self imposed bonds of

forgetfulness and Set your Soul Free

Set your Heart Free

Open your Mind

remember who you are

Failure is Impossible

The Ego will shield you from the Destiny

When there is no trust there can be no work

Encompass everything in your task

because everything and everyone might have

something to teach you

No one can be left out of this

Everyone is Invaluable

Your Skills and Abilities are much needed now

Channeling is a skill naturally embedded in every

creature a Higher way of Knowing

It is the Ancient way of Communicating by


You have a Glorious Destiny

all you need do is realize it

Many Light~workers chose to come too Earth

with other Light~workers

Fellow Light~workers are Here to Help you

to remember how to serve the


It has always been this way

and it will always be that way

Helping each other for the Light gathers Power

and the Darkness Dissipates as it has no power

within the Light of


Knowledge of someone or something makes

him/her vulnerable to his enemies

Time is of the very essence

for there are dark forces at work

Much is at stake now

Light must gather together in these times

Tremendous Tidal Waves of Change

are Preparing to Wash over the


There is a divine plan in action

and it will change the face of the Earth


This is ~ Mass Enlightenment now set in motion

by Forces much Higher than anyone could possibly

Comprehend ~ much less ~ Understand

A Far Higher Power than Any of us ~ All of us

Could have ever even Imagined

Sacred knowledge is about to Re~awaken

the High Counsel of knowledge keepers are awakening and Gathering together

the Hearts of the Individual Tribes

the Souls of the Tribes as well as the Individuals

Time is of Greatest Essence

Right now everyone needs to Focus on the Path

Much depends on the Awakening of Self

To Awaken a large portion of light~workers

that potentially are unaware of their mission









We are the Children of the Light ~ GOD and His Name is TRUTH

I will explain ~ how one can move forward

on their Path and about Ascension

Make this Statement too yourself

that you Desire to Gratefully Accept the Lessons

of the


and you WILL Accept Them

You will Learn the Lessons by Accepting them

Gracefully within your Heart and Mind

It is the way of the Universal Consciousness

Your Mind is but a Tool the Connection


Spirit and Soul

only the Heart Truly Matters

The Heart is the Gateway to the Creator

Whenever confusion overcomes you

sit in the Silence and Ask the Creator

to Elaborate these Feelings from deep within Your


Sit in the Sacred Silence of Self and Listen

Let your Heart speak to you ~ Listen

As your mind clouds the issues

Think with your Heart

and Learn to Feel with your Mind

Sort out these feelings from within your Heart

Meditate on the Answers you get

Everything else should be discarded

as thoughts of the Ego

Whatever else the Heart tells you

has a Unique Aura of Truth about it

You will know the Instant that the thought

Manifests inside your Mind

through the Higher Dimensions of Self

Whatever feels Good

What ever feels Right

and is in Harmony

with Mother Earth


Every other living Soul

and the Universe

That will be the Correct Answer

This is the way a Light~worker Truly work’s

Seize the day and come forth to the truth

Realize ~You are never Alone

the Great Spirit is Always with You

You are all being taken care of

Simply follow your heart and you will be successful

Indulge in your Happiness and find what you are

Honestly truly looking for

The heart needs Joy to Function Correctly

There is Joy in Everything merely See it

Be at One with the Universe

for it is screaming to help you

Listening to Your higher self and Learning

is the Way to be at One

with the


Learning is Life Itself

Be at One in silence

Listen to the quiet sounds of Self . . . Let your Spirit Soar

The Path lies gloriously in front of your eyes

One step at a time

and you will have climbed the mountain

you don’t need a horse or a mule

just go alone

If you stray a bit  don’t worry

for you will come back to it

There is a free ~ will zone

Free ~ will

can trigger a decision either for good or for bad

The Path has many strange ways

and the Path can get Razor Sharp

due to the Attractions and/or Enticing Possibilities

Trust yourself

The Light within you will be your guide

When you make choices you create other realities

these realities either advance you on your Path

or slow you down

Either way you will go all the way

All experiences are real

What WE choose to label them

is up to us in regards to the various realities

Realities are swiftly changing now for a bit of time

Time is relative ~ too many factors

Time actually does not matter

It is merely a place or point in space

it is malleable and contains ancient wisdom

The way of the ancients has been paved

with natural elements

Light is love, Light is wisdom

Far more than you can imagine

Confidence and self ~ confidence are based

on self-love

Remember the beauty of life

It’s the simple things that count in life.

Simplicity ~ Living as ONE within nature ~ all things provided when needed

Tremendous changes

are awaiting the inhabitants of Earth

The Universe is preparing to bestow many gifts

and also to return many bad things done

It is the Universal Law of action and reaction

Karma if you please

It all boils down to this particular time frame

in this particular Universe

You are all eternal beings

When you came to this three dimensional rock

you had to pass through the amnesiac veil

it will all come back to you

One has not to be fully awakened to help

or to be helped

Conscious recall of memories

do not constitute a condition for this

Experiencing will infuse you with

the sacred knowledge at the proper moment

There is much Light hidden within the masses

It is just waiting to Sparkle and Fly like Lightning

from one human being to another

THIS is the last lifetime for many. Many people

Interact with each other on different levels

Separation stems from the fact that you are not

loving yourself enough

Otherwise you would feel your connection

with other Light Beings

these other Loving Entities who are with you

not against you

Loving beings are receiving an abundance

of information which they can perceive

Other beings that are ‘jailed’ in this

three dimensional Earth are also receiving

but they are like transparencies to the energy

it passes right through them un~noticed

Advanced beings are more ‘solid’ to these energies

the energies become relative

The vibrational state is raised

and the spiritual body becomes more dense

Therefore the energies hit

the receptive consciousness

and they are perceived and understood

In order not to feel the heaviness

bring Light and Joy in your Life

World peace meditations are very important

in order to raise the world vibration

you should actively participate

because the essence every single being counts

Especially now when combined

with the Three ~ Fold Law

The energies projected for the highest good

of Mankind will indeed be vast

as long as many people are participating

It has a tremendous impact

United we shall succeed

Purification of the soul is essential

the more you advance along the Path of

Awakening and Enlightenment

the Remembering

For soul purification focus and maintain on love

for the Universe

that is the best approach

The impurities will be discarded

and/or assimilated

(as in learned from and released)

The more you grow

you will find that every threshold

to a specific event was important

only in regards to a specific portion

of your growth

One of the problems an evolving entity

has to face is the difficulty in trusting

the Heart

or the confusion created by matters of the heart

which is the worldly feelings as a human being

The only thing that matters is the divine WILL

to evolve and the love you feel

in regards to the Universe

The higher you climb the ladder of evolution

the more you respect your fellow human being’s

Ascension does NOT imply

that you will sever your contacts

or abandon Mother Earth in general

It is just a change of the state

of your living essence your being

although in an advanced enhanced state

will not be affected in any other way Regardless

know that it is possible to ascend

with or without a three dimensional body

That means if you need your physical body

in a non-finished task

then you will keep it

But it will NOT however be of the essence

it compromises now

As you know your three dimensional bodies

are undergoing a change from carbon base

to silica base in order to accommodate

the light frequencies needed to sustain

this type of body in a Five dimensional state

However it is not common

to take your current body either way

Your body is merely a shell a physical vehicle

Do not depend on it

This is another conscious limitation

Instead remind yourself every morning

when you wake up

and every night when you go to sleep

that your body is a sacred temple

for the flame of the Creator

The drop of your consciousness is nothing

compared to the vast Ocean’s of the Universe

Yet you can make the Universe follow you

if you do it right

The pattern called ‘death’ is an intrinsic part


You or your body are nothing compared

to the Universe

Your actions what you do

and the eternal flame within you

are what matter’s

Know this

By surrendering to the Universal ONE~ness

You can also Manipulate it

Listening to the heart is a passive connection

to the Universe

You can also actively connect to the Universe

when you are advanced enough spiritually

You hold vast possibilities inside you

Your commitments are worthy

only if you set them upon the right foundation

The physical body needs food

the ethereal body needs energy

the mind needs information

Books are food to the mind

Herbs / Crystals are aid to the heart

Meditation is the foundation for the mind

Love is the foundation for the heart

Balance is the key to proper growth

There is a high value in becoming centered

so as to keep the ‘radio clutter’ out of the Mind

Without proper spiritual progress

you would get used to it [life] and get bored

Abilities and skills NEED the right foundation

Decisive focused steps of purest intent

are extremely important

they lead you to success

The act is far Stronger than the mere Word

Experienced Truth

is even much more Valuable than told Truth

Surrender to the Universe

Connections will be much made more swiftly then

It is up to the individual to make up his/her mind

It is the Ego that is holding you back

because egos are afraid of change

It is the way of the ego to block

Spiritual Advancement

Spiritual advancement has to stem from the flame

The keyword here is TRUST

Love yourself and the Universe

Trust is a feeling that comes naturally

when you feel safe and secure

But you can also feel safe when you trust

Trust is an effect of love

You have to trust Yourself

Trust is something we are born with

and is cherished as something divine

It is OK to have doubts — question everything

There will be a time when you will learn

to question only the things

that are worth questioning

Discernment is the valor of the higher Answer

benefit by applying higher judgment

You must learn to let go

be your Higher Self

You have to believe completely that you are light

Fear is nothing but a cloak

that you can throw off at~will

so Rise above your Fears

and see the grander picture

Most importantly what matters is


your very Highest Focused Thought

and Energy Field of Light

The Intention to Love Unconditionally

Your Higher Self ~ essentially is Your ~ Self

Communicate ~ Share ~ Learn

Work for the good

the Grand Betterment of all Humanity

along with all other Life forms as well

Mitakuye oyasin ~ Cherokee for

( we are all related to everything that exists )

Angels Aura Spirit Quartz Crystal to Intensify and Magnify your Energy Field

From my Heart of Hearts ~ to yours Today

I pray I somehow made your life a little better

Tony Gray’Owl

Cherokee Shaman Keeper of the Hidden knowledge’s of the Ancients.

click here to go to part TWO


5 responses

  1. love read on web page love read some want send this to my face book at http://www.facebook.com/wolfthunder68

    April 16, 2012 at 5:48 PM

  2. Cendee Crawford

    Tony…as I was reading, I also was remembering, all that you are saying, I’ve said the last few weeks, even days. It’s truly amazing how our hearts of light connect and know no boundaries from brother to sister.

    You wrote:…The keyword here is TRUST
    Love yourself and the Universe
    Trust is a feeling that comes naturally
    when you feel safe and secure
    But you can also feel safe when you trust
    Trust is an effect of love
    You have to trust Yourself.

    TRUST in the Universe and the Perfect Design and Will is approaching, I can feel the heaviness, as if I’m walking underwater…my heart fills to overflowing with unconditional love for all of nature, as if the weight of the world is held within, ready to burst and consume me, pulling me in the under tow, washing me on the shore of the New and yet imagined. My eyes where heavy yesterday, as I closed them, I could see a reprogramming, a realigning, recoding..numbers and letters rolling over and over. My taste was different today, I no longer desired the cravings of yesterday.

    Thank you for sharing precious brother, I honor you and other brother and sisters of peace, love and light.

    January 23, 2011 at 2:52 PM

    • Tony Gray'Owl

      Cendee I am at a loss for words, I think I pretty much got it right in this letter. All I really know is that I Love. Un~conditionally, Mitakuye oyasin, your true brother of the light Tony

      January 23, 2011 at 2:58 PM

  3. Donna Jean

    Oh how lovely this is!!! Dearest brother of my heart ….the new arrangements here are so much more perfect …. simple and easy to find the light to guide me … bless your heart i know it must have taken many hours of hard work!!! thank you and love and respect you your sister of Love and Light… Donna jean

    January 18, 2011 at 6:58 PM

    • Tony Gray'Owl

      Namaste Donna, I have worked very hard to say the least and I have only just begun. Your wonderful insights and feed back direct my fingers upon this Key pad far more than you may think, I am honored to have such a loving caring friend and sister of life as you. Mitakuye oyasin, Gray’Owl, I love ya. Thank you.

      January 18, 2011 at 9:03 PM

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