High atop the tallest Mountain I can See all things Clearly

I have YOU <)   >>>————> in my Sights.

this picture represents the living Warrior spirit alive within my Heart Tony GrayOwl

the Red Spirit Warrior


I am not so much the Red Spirit Warrior so to say

without doubt however the Red Spirit Warrior is kept alive within my heart as I have been given a great vision for the Tribes of my peoples.

I have seen the vision of a coming day when all Tribes of American Indian

Put aside their differences and become one powerful yet peaceful Nation leading the world to global peace

First I will explain who the Red Spirit Warrior is

This story has been handed down from Shaman to apprentice Shaman /* from Father to son from Chief to tribe since shortly after the beginning of time

You could perhaps have this vision of him

He is seen as larger than life, Master of the powers of manifestation commanding the powers of creation and wielding it wisely within his hands

He is the very essence of ALL living red human beings soul’s that have ever been born into  life here upon this our Earth

Spiritually combined and literally unified in the knowledge of the laws of


He is the promised Savior

Or you may simply envision Him in the form of a Man

this is Chief Grey Owl

That is to return from the spirit world one day and free our people from the oppression of our captors the

Federal Government of the United States of America

That keeps all tribes of the Red Man as Wards of the state and govern them through the office of Indian Affairs even still today in our modern civilized society

The Nation ( as I refer to all Tribes ) of the Read Man is the only Nation of people that are not recognized as a Sovereign Nation and do not have a seat at the

United Nations nor at the World peace treaty talks

to be continued . . .


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